Monday, January 3, 2011

Since Ya'll Care Sooo Much

Let's break it down...

Christmas Morning

"Ummm...I never wake up to such joviality. What the freak is this?"

Warms up to the idea of Christmas merriment in just a few short minutes, and slays me with that sweet face.

I love three things.
- That silly baby face
- My dudes
-Christmas morning garbage head

Good thing no more than $35 was spent on Samson since he was most intrigued by the wrapping paper.

Adorable B Toys squeezie blocks

Cutest of all hats from Yarrrn
Tadd thinks it looks like an old fashioned footbal helmet. Along with Samson's fascination with football games on TV, and this hat, I think we're creating a football lover. Damn it.

THE blanket. Done and done. And it was a success. 6.5' x 7.5'. May he never wish for a bigger blanket again.

1 comment:

c.e.l.i.n.a said...

i love that blanket.

make me one next please.


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