Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Tiny Human Necessities

In no way am I a baby expert, know-it-all-mom, baby pro, etc. but there a number of baby products I've learned over the last seven months I could not live without, and thought I might share!

Hands down, my #1 baby item. A tip off from a sister-in-law's sister-in-law. We have been huge advocates of swaddling, and found that in the first few months Samson would settle right down once he was swaddled. Along with our belief in swaddling came extreme fear in SIDS. Add paranoia to a new mother's raging hormones, and BAM! She's crazy.

We swaddled Samson until he was roughly four months old, and for the few months before that he had begun to unwrap himself a little, but I could rest easy knowing that he was wrapped in a very breathable, lightweight blanket that was also very large and square making it much easier to wrap a tight swaddle that couldn't come all the way undone.

There are also easy instructions on their website on how to swaddle, so the SwaddleMe becomes unnecessary.

Halo Sleep Sack
(I also like the Summer Slumber Sack)

When Sam began rolling around I knew the days of swaddling were over, but couldn't bare to put him to bed unwrapped. I began swaddling him and then zipping him into a sleep sack, then after a few weeks of that I ditched the swaddle all together (seriously, I had a tough time parting with it, it was bizarre), and just put him in his sleep sack.

I love it for nap times too. It's a great way for him to settle down and realize it's sleepy time. I also hear it's a life saver for babies/toddlers that love to take off their diaper in their crib. Problem solved!

Baby Aquaphor

Hands down the best diaper rash ointment. We put this on Samson every single night after his bath and he has never had a rash. Well, except for this one time I neglected to change his wet diaper soon enough (mother of the year award), and he got a little rash, but after one night of applying this after his bath it was gone. Other mother's have healed diaper rashes in a day with this as well.
Munchkin Formula Dispenser

We actually got a little excessive with these, and bought four. Fill them up three or so times a week, and it makes feedings super quick. Not to mention the simplicity for babysitters.

A gift from a friend that has really assisted us in getting Samson to sleep through the night. We started using it when he was seven weeks old, and after a couple days of using it, voila! He slept 7 hours, and over the next couple of nights that increased to 10 hours, and eventually 12. We ran out after a few months and I tried using some Aveda Lavender we had around the house for a few nights and whadya know...woke up once or twice those nights. He sleeps perfectly fine during the day for his naps without it, and it's completely all natural, so I, in no way, feel guilty for using it. In fact, I feel a little like a hippy. Groovy.

We are on our third bottle of it and it's worth. every. penny.

Although the stroller may be a bit on the bigger side it's easy to open and collapse, easy to steer with one hand, and the car seat snaps in and and out easily. That's Easy x 3!

The huge selling point for me (besides the amazing orange color that I absolutely consider gender neutral) was the weight of the car seat. Nine pounds! Imagine toting around a 20 lb. seven month old in a car seat that weighs 15 lbs, which some do!

We're super lucky that Samson took to a binki no problem, ONCE we figured out the right binki for him. The soother from the hospital is ridiculously heavy and he had a hard time holding onto it. Plus the shape of the pacifier didn't give him much to grasp onto. And it's pretty unsightly.

Dr. Brown's Vented Bottles

A must for bottle fed babies. Any bottle with some sort of venting system is a must. Eliminating bubbles in your baby's bottle cuts back on feeding time and fussiness!

Tadd's baby necessity:
Air freshener. So Tadd

A couple things I suggest you avoid buying (put that extra money into a college fund!):
(however don't object to someone offering theirs to you on loan!)

Bumbo chair
Once Samson was big enough to sit in it unsupported, it was only a month or so until he learned he could arch his back to get out of it. If you must have one, get a tray as well - traps their legs!
I did love mine when learning to nurse, but am very glad I didn't spend my own money on one since I didn't nurse long, and I could achieve the same support using a balled up blanket or pillow.
Diaper Genie
Ew, ew, and ew. No matter what, your house will just smell like you are trying to mask the smell of dirty diapers. In an unsuccessful manner. Cheap sandwich bags or dollar store scented diaper bags, a grocery sack or otherwise inconspicuous looking bag, and a porch/deck/etc is all you need.
Changing Pad and Changing Table
Let's think of another word for a changing table. Ahhh...a dresser! We borrowed a changing pad from a friend and could never discover a convenient way to use it, even on top of a dresser. Our bed, the couch, the floor, etc. has always served as our changing station, and quite conveniently so.

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SARIE said...

I'm so happy to see lavender oil on your must have list! I love it. I know lots of people who use it on their babies, but I'm not even a new born and I use at night to sleep better. yup.


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