Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rest O' Memorial

Grandma Sally and Grandpa Erv were paid a little visit by Tadd and me last night. I really enjoyed visiting their headstones, it was so peaceful!

Tadd never had the chance to meet my mom's parents, so it was fun sharing a few things I remembered about them with him.

Specifically how my grandma prounounced "onion" in her sweet Irish lilt, and my grandpa's ever-present lemon drops.

Sally Katherine Samson and Ervin Dryden Samson (WWII Veteran)

Also, Tadd told me he DOES want to be buried next to me! He loves me!

I suggested that if we both died at the same time we could be buried in the same casket. Genius idea, right!? Save some cashey for the afterlife.

Bucket List

My Utah Bucket List - Celina's idea

Bonfire in the canyon
Feast on cupcakes from around Utah County
Sundance moonlight ride
Hot pots
Sale Lake consignment stores
Diamond Grill * 3 times since May 4th
Hale Center play
Color Me Mine
Parade of Homes
Ice Blocking
Trash the Dress Session with Pete Stott Photography
Float the Provo River
Star Mill
Lavendar Days

I'm sure I'll be adding more with all of your ideas! Hint, Hint!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lovely Memorial Holiday

Happy Memorial Day to you and yours!

Here's a bit of what we've done on this sunny holiday:

Ate lots of this, well at least I did.

Watched these master grillers grill a lot of these...

Madi was quite shocked at the number of kabobs

me, Kecia, Lacey, Bree
Posed for pictures

Took holiday naps

Gathered all the towels from swimming

Lounged on the floaties in style

Watched Tadd impress us with his boat skills

... a few more fun boat pictures ...

The boys were so intrigued with the boat, and Chris mastered how to splash them on the step

Crew looks so concerned!

Definitely a spectacle to see!

"Got Dance?"

was the theme of Jive's 2009 dance concert. My last dance concert with Jive. I feel like it was a great end to my Utah dancing career. Now onto my Vegas dancing career...

L-R clockwise: Myself, Tianne and Amy (more to come of them later after our cruise!), my class in our finale costume, Tianne and me (DFF!), my class in our class costumes for 4 Minutes

My super supportive family! (Tadd and Mom behind the cameras)

L-R clockwise: Liz, Celina, myself and Bree, myself and Mazie, me with the two little dancers, myself and Ellie

I got to dance in the same concert as my beautiful nieces, who both did a fantastic job!

I have loved dancing at Jive and will definitely miss it!
Thanks to everyone who came to support me!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Took a Count

Just finished watching Taken.

Liam Neeson is a bad as*

Here's the verdict:

44 killed
5 wounded

fairly sure that's correct

Sunday, May 17, 2009


May 13th marked the last day I would ever walk into Nu Skin and punch that clock (hypothetically). As much as I enjoyed my time at Nu Skin and felt very blessed to have such a great job, I must say...I don't miss it! Sure, I miss the people, but nothing is stopping me from still seeing them!

So, without further adieu, I list for you SOME of my fondest memories (some plagerized from Jick Nohnson).

WNTU (words-not-to-use) list

Nick farting in Kristen's chair

"We have no news"

Patio Time

Employee Store jack pots

"Topless" at the Marriott

Work errands

Shopping for Vans that would never come, or in my case trying to force Nordstrom Online to take cash as I was not allowed any credit/debit cards.

Jeff's treat drawer

Too many trips to my Credit Union.

Bucket Lists

Meeting my Dad in the "caf" for drinks

Making enchiladas, tacos and tamales with Paula in her cube; carrying them out to her Nissan and selling them at lunch-time near the Center Street Freeway Entrance.

8:00 am department meetings, which consisted of Nick telling everyone that he was hotter than Tadd.

Squatters Night #1: Kevin's greatest night ever

Squatters Night #2: "I can't say no to anything!"

Waiting for HR to get Kristen and me both in trouble for our“short pants”

The daily wardrobe contests.

Cab ride in Orlando…if only I could have a recording of that entire ride.


Breakfast trends: Tewst and Diet Coke, then Bwraps and Diet Coke, and then Diet Coke with a side of Diet Coke.

Celina's car being mauled by the boss.

CPK coupons

Conventions…sweaty dances and sore feet…that about sums it up.

Pretzel Day and Cinco de Mayo day

The daily "F" word near the end of work. Doesn't matter whose mouth it came from.


Depressed Nick "getting pretty again" after losing the Halloween costume contest.

Learning how to get “funky” on the dance floor courtesy of Brad S.

LOTS of "work" blogging

Dressing down as much as we possibly could without getting caught.

CafĂ© Rio (CC—pork salad with just pork, no rice, beans or salad. KC—Styrofoam tub of black beans.

“Let’s rock this”.

Heating pads.

The Golden Boot

Switching pants


Nick taking a big bite out of Kristen’s burrito at the wrong end—thereby making it impossible for her to eat it without causing the “guts” to fall out of the tortilla like a common Mexican turd (P.S. I checked with Paula and it is ok to qualify it as a “Mexican” turd given the context).

And finally, the occasional phone call and/or email.

The Brat Pack, as we were so "affectionately" called

Myself, Nashley, Chala

Cel-Cel and Bree

Justin and Liz, whom I'm glad I've re-friends with.

Ah, Bandit with his leafy Yamaka

We're engaged!

Bree with her boss

The Asians! Chieh, Jerraine and Susan.

Brad and Dusty

The fancy hand!

The lunch gang!

There are many other people I will miss from Nu Skin that couldn't attend. Good times, I tell ya!

Send me your favorite memory and I'll sing your praises.

Joey and Janice's Day of Fun!

Ah...the life of the unemployed.

Diet Cokes
Costa Vida
The park
Milk shakes

Ok, so I'm a little obsessed with Van...can you blame me?

New Commute

What to do when the commute from Provo to Woodland Hills takes 45 minutes due to construction?

Simple. Try to apply a purple smokey eye and then take annoying pictures.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The BIG News...

cake compliments of Rookie-Cookie

That's right! Husby-Tadd and I will be relocating to Las Vegas in August for the next three years!

Tadd will be attending UNLV in their Professional Golf Management Program, and I will be working for Ecomates.
To answer your looming questions...
A. Yes, I will be ending my career at Nu Skin (last day happens to be tomorrow).
A. Yes, I will be returning to Provo every 6-8 weeks for my beloved clients, family and friends!

Wish us well! And definitely congratulate my husband husband for this great opportunity!

Giant Dose of Girliness

Ali was in town from Texas, meaning a good old-fashioned girly night was in order. What was on the agenda, you ask?

-Dinner @ Spark (note to self, never eat there for dinner)
-Home Pedicures
-Lots of Pictures
-Oodles of Chatting
-Wheel of Fortune on Play Station

Aw, to be young again...

I have a geisha foot!

All our toes compliments of Mary Kate.

I love these girls! I'm so fortunate to have such great best friends!

National Limmerick and Nutty Fudge Day

That's right, today was a celebration of catchy poems and crunchity fudge. Below are the limmericks I composed:

For years I’d been against peanut butter
I’d believed it belonged in the gutter
Then one day PB Twix
Put me into a fix
Now peanut-y chocolate has my heart all a-flutter
There once was a golfer named Tadd
He had never been to Baghdad
Then one hearty swing
Hit that pin with a ding
Now he’s famous in shorts pink and plaid.

P.S: Exciting news to come...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Week of Holidays

Did you know there is a national holiday every day of the year!?
Celina discovered this and decided to make a week of it!

Day #1:
Mother's Day, of course! I was too busy celebrating to take pictures, but just so you know, I have two incredible mothers! Both so kind, loving and supportive! I feel so blessed to have been born to such a fantastic mother, and to know that my husband has a fantastic mother as well!

Day #2:
National Eat Whatever You Want Day. So, my friends, go ahead. Eat WHATEVER you want. As for me? I celebrated this day at Kneaders this morning eating All You Can Eat French Toast & Pancakes! Eat on!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blessed Cinco de Mayo

I dubbed this day a fancy day...hence the sparkly earrings, string of pearls, and cupcake.

Friday, May 1, 2009

So Get This...

I know a girl who knows a girl who is a bride.
This bride kicked her own sister out of the wedding party because she didn't make weight and called up an old roommate to fill her spot since she thought she could fit into the dress.
True story.
What a beast.

Also, I Tide to Go-ed my jeans and now I have blue spotted garmies. {Fancy}


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