Friday, August 26, 2011

Little Bits

I've become an phone camera whore, and more importantly, an Instagram whore. So, unfortunately none of these pictures were taken with my real camera, therefore resulting in the poorish quality.

Mallory and her niece, Lucy, came over to bbsit one day, Lucy dressed to the nines, and when Samson woke up from his nap he immediately donned her feather boa. I find it quite becoming.

"Westward Ho!"

I just love to watch him sleep. Like, I'm creepy or something.

Oh, he's just brilliant. NBD.

I think we've discovered our little bug is allergic to milk. I took him off of it for a week, and just gave him soy milk. Then after about a week I was at my MIL's and I didn't have soy milk to give him before his nap, so I figured it would be as good a time as any to test our theory. Two hours after giving it to him, he woke up upset, and within 15 minutes had started throwing up. It just killed me to hold him and feel his poor little body shake and heave as he threw up. The above picture was taken before he threw up. Doesn't he look sad next to Papa's homemade root beer?

It took me about half an hour to calm him down afterward, and then he fell asleep on me, which is a sure sign he feels like CRAP. I have to admit I did love lying there rocking him as he slept. Reminded me of his newborn days.

Doesn't he just look miserable??? I just hate sickness.

His new "whoa" face

Enjoys SYTYCD just like his momma

First nap in his big boy car seat. I took this pic at a stop light after leaving Riverwoods, and then noticed he was headless about a mile down the road on University Ave, so I glanced back at him to see that his head had just flopped down, and then........I rear ended the car in front of me. Awesome.

Let's just say I'm grateful for no harm done to any passengers in either car, (although the hit did jolt Samson awake which scared the poor little dude), finding out the girl I hit is my good friend's sister in law (!), honest car mechanics, car insurance, no damage to the other car, tail hitches, only a $500 deductible, and my trade (knockin' $100 off and trading for hair). $4,000 worth of damage later...and all is well.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fourth of July Part IV

Just a lonely draft I forgot to post!

Dinner at Tadd's parents, testing his limits with the waterfall in the backyard, watching the Cul-De-sac of fire grand finale, a nakie bum (couldn't resist)

Festive wear!

It was a stripe infested holiday! Another reason it's my favorite holiday!

Wrappin' up July

Our month of July as told by Instagram

It's a Create-Your-Own-Captions sort of post

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Little One

14 months. For reals? It's wild how fast time goes by. Cliche, as that might sound. I've started to stress that I'm going to forget things Samson has started doing, and when he did them, so here's a little "for the record" type of post.

.Recently started hiding behind corners and coming out from behind them saying "BO!" Not "boo", "bo"!
.Also says cookie, hi, bye, woah, wow, Lyla, papa, mama, dada, thanks, baby, book, bonk
.Has begun to repeat and mimic a lot of sounds and actions
.When asked what a lion, dog, sheep or duck says he says roar, bow-wow-wow-wow, baaaaa (this has actually turned into haaaahaaahaaaa), and cack-cack
.Has discovered he can screech among the best of them, and performs this "talent" of his o.f.t.e.n. It's getting so bad that I have to leave stores early because I'm so embarrassed. It's really tough to ignore in public when everyone is staring at me wondering why I haven't slapped the kid yet. Our newest thing has been spraying him with a water bottle when he screeches. Yes, much like a puppy dog. So far, he just says "whoa" and laughs. Tadd said he discovered how to spray the bottle tonight and sat there soaking himself for 10 minutes. Something tells me this discipline technique will not be fruitful.
.He loves fruit, and it can be a battle to get him to eat anything else. Except for the fruit puffs. He'd eat a whole container of those in one day if I'd let him.
.He's super active, and can't even stand to swim for more than 5 minutes at a time since he'd rather be exploring around the pool.
.Is perfectly content to sit in his crib for 15-20 min with his books while I get ready in the morning. He especially likes to jump in it and land on his bum.

Will probably add to this later on, that's all I can think of for now!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fourth of July Part III

Clearly the fashion theme for the weekend was stripes (as I feel every day should be).

We went to my parents on Sunday for some good ol' fashioned family fun. My parents had flown Lauren in from Reno, and were so excited to spend time with her, as were we! Aunt Lo had really missed little Sam, so I tried to dump him on her for the evening, but she had other plans with her friends. Geeeeez!

Tadd took Samson on his first 4-wheeler ride, which he loved (contrary to what his face might express). I tried making him wear a helmet, but the weight of it on his head was too heavy, and his head slowly drooped down until it was resting on the quad in front of him. It was hilarious, but I felt too inhumane leaving it on there long enough to get a picture.

Also, I had festive nails. Yay me!


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