Sunday, August 31, 2008

Most auctions are still running! Visit for 300+ items being auctioned to help Stephanie and Christian!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Full Color Service
Cut Included
Weave (one or multiple colors): Suggested value of $70-$75
Weave with color inbetween: Suggest value of $85
All over color: Suggested value of $60
Women's Haircut
Suggested Value: $25
Women's Haircut
Suggested value: $25

Drum Roll...

Rules and details for my auction!
I have decided I'll be auctioning off not one, but three, services: two women's hair cuts and a full color service. By request, a women's cut may be transformed into a one men's cut & one kid's cut.
I also decided to extend my auction to Sunday evening at 11:59 p.m, so as to accomodate all my dedicated bidders!
Here is how it's all gonna go down:
1. Auction opens up at 12:00 a.m; three separate postings, one for each different hair service.
2. The bidding begins at $10, and the average value of each service will be posted as well on each posting.
3. Your bid amount needs to be higher than the bid amount of the last comment (thus the whole auction element).
4. Round your bid up to the nearest dollar, please.
How do you bid? Leave a comment on the desired post with the amount you're bidding and your email address. If you are uncomfortable leaving your email address in the comment, email it to me at
I'm allowing anonymous comments during the auction period, but the anonymous comments must contain a valid email address to be a valid bid.
How and when do you pay for your services? To ensure payment is made you'll click on the button in the left sidebar, pay the funds you've committed and email me the receipt of payment you receive from PayPal. After that's done, we will set up your hair appointment for the soonest time convenient for the both of us. I promise I'm good for it, promise.
Let the bidding begin!
Don't forget to check out HAIROIN.BLOGSPOT.COM

Oh, you don't believe in jinxes?

I love gum, always have.

I keep a pack by my bed for times that I just need a chew. Last night was one of those nights. I actually fall asleep quite often chewing gum, and have considered myself skillfull when I wake up the morning after, gum tucked in cheek.

This morning was NOT one of those mornings.

Tadd noticed my nightly chewing for the first time, and asked if I ever get it in my hair in my sleep. "Nope, never," I responded.

I woke up at 3 a.m. with sticky hair, and a fuzzy brain. My brain couldn't figure out what stuck itself to my hair, and figured it out .01 seconds later. CRAP! So, turns out peanut butter does work! I never thought I'd encounter a 5 year old experience at the age of 23. Well done, Caitlyn.

No gum in cheek this morning, just peanut butter smelling hair.

Awesome Auction!

Only four more hours until auction time.
Whip out those check books my friends, for you will have to fight me on a number of auctioned items! Don't forget to check out the evergrowing list of Auctioneers HERE

Saturday, August 23, 2008

NieNie Day!

Many of you probably know about the tragedy that has struck so many lives this past week. Stephanie Clark, her husband, Christian, and Christian's flight instructor, were in a fiery plane crash in Arizona last Saturday evening. To read more, you can visit Stephanie's blog that her dear sister has been updating here, or her sister's own blog: c jane run.
Although I have never known Stephanie personally, my husband Tadd does (had a crush on her in high school), her blog is filled with personal experiences, that have allowed me entrance into her life. Many know I'm not one to hold back tears, and the story of their circumstance is no exception. I feel a strong urge to help, to give more than just my prayers and thoughts.
Ashley Thalman just announced that she is conducting a silent auction, and invited other bloggers to do the same. So, I thought...what better to auction off than my own trade! Hair services! I'll be auctioning off a full salon service to my highest bidder...rules and details to come Wednesday evening. All proceeds from that bidder will be sent directly to The Nie Nie PayPal Donation Fund.
For a sneak peek of my "abilities", visit Hairon, my personal drug. (Please allow me to update recent services).
Stay tuned, I'm very excited about this!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Guacamole Cannoli

Birthday dinner at Carrabbas with work friends!
(L-R: Tadd, Me, Nick, Celina, Aaron, Adrienne, Whitney, Sam, Paula, Alex)

Also, why can't guys smile? Except for Nick, but that's a WHOLE other story.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Birthday Surprise!

Lookie! The stork visited me on my birthday!
*Additional Information: We have named her Kissy Face*

I Miss My Friends

Did I mention I have the prettiest friend?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Day to Me!

I have awesome coworkers!
I spent my work day sitting in a pink crepe paper throne wearing a jeweled crown, jeweled clip on earrings, and jeweled rings!
Whitney also adorned my desk with Happy Birthday confetti and doctor rings!

You know, the ones Dr. Clayton let you pick from his treasure box when you were cooperative during your doctor's appt. Those ones!

Kristen made me a FANTABULOUS cocount cake. Do you watch The Food Network? She duplicated, and bettered, Bobby Flay's winning Throw Down cocunut cake.

PF Changs for lunch, and I ate my weight in Salt and Pepper Prawns. No regrets, however.

(L-R: Celina, Paula & Moppet, me, Kristen, Nashley, Mikey, Adrienne, Nick, Whitney and Justin. Not Pictured: Kevin and Jeff)

Thanks for making my birthday one of the BEST ever!

Happy Start

What's better than getting red roses delivered to your work with a sweet note from your husband? Oh, I know! Receiving a Nordstrom gift card on your pillow that morning!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Milkin' It

It's 11:30 p.m, and I'm already using this:
"It's almost my birthday, so could you please go get me a bottled water?"
"Can you cook me a pizza for my birthday?"
"It's almost my birthday, so can I have a baby yet?"
Yup. That. Just. Happened.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

House Tag

Nickell challenged me to an "As Is" tag. And I accepted!
Rules: Take pictures of the following, there's no tidying up and no wiping of your kids faces. So here goes:


I had to include the freezer, so you didn't think we had ZERO food. Yeah, I don't cook.


I know, a total mess. Strange because I'm always looking into how to make it more organized. Too bad you can't see the bins on the shelves, those give me peace of mind. Wait, is that a bra? And since Tadd and I don't share a closet I thought I'd include...

Tadd's Closet

You guessed it, every one of those shirts hanging up in there are Ralph Lauren Polo's. Golf snob.

Laundry Room

Not really a room, but we love the walls!

Kitchen Sink

Clean thanks to Tadd finally washing his pots and pans last night!


We have a chipped toilet seat, which I've always hated, but eh...what do you do? Also, notice that the lid is DOWN, which I am extremely picky about! Tadd has learned well.

Fave Room

This room is so comfy, and notice what I'm enjoying...

Fave Shoes

Nine West outlet find. Love them!

Self Portrait

No kids for me, so no pictures are included of them!

I shall tag whomever would like to take on this challenge!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy B-Day LoLo, Camme and Tadd!

Sunday was filled with birthday celebrations. I headed down to E.R (Elk Ridge, for those uncool peeps) with Haley and Jon after church, and after breaking the Sabbath for my dear mother who just NEEDED her Diet Dr.

I didn't get any pics from dinner, but we sisters had a glorious time chatting around the dinner table after we had all stuffed ourselves on my mother's delicious tacos.

After dinner I drove back up to Provo for Tadd and Camme's Cake n' Ice Cream Celebration. I picked up a cake from Costco, and afterward Camme, Kecia and I agreed that Costco cakes are no longer allowed. Could they get any heavier and unhealthy? From now on, some sort of dessert needs to be handmade (or purchased as an exception for me, sad) for everyone's birthday! Seriously, look at those 7 inch-high frosting balloons! Gag.

This was the exact type of cake I devoured with a friend a year ago for $50. We each ate 8 or 9 man-fist sized pieces. Another reason I should NEVER eat this cake again.

Check out Andrew, such a stud! Yes, that's a Hulk tat, awesome!

Darling little Bree! She can sign "milk" now, she's growing up so fast!

Ell Bell and Camme with Camme's sweet card!

Tadd and Crew-Man. They have a special bond, well more of an attachment. Don't try to take Crew away from Tadd, you'll regret it!

Happy Birthday to all you last-week-of-July-birthdays!

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Little Eye Candy

The little neph, bottle fed with love by Auntie M.

And that's How It's Done

A few things we did on Tadd's birthday...

Played with Ava, Crew and Griffin, his one true birthday wish.

Tadd experimented with his new helicopter! (The gift he managed to injure himself with) Right after I snapped this picture, he finally figured out how to get the propellers to start, resulting in mayhem. The helicopter wasn't staying on it's feet, and the blades were chopping the leaves off the flowers, so Tadd instinctively grabbed the helicopter. Those blades are made of fiberglass, dude!
Imagine my dad's anger when he found out Tadd had injured not just one, but both hands! That could take quite a toll on his golf swing!

We swam with friends Kristen and Scott, then headed off to Kiwanis Park to play Tennis. Stupid courts were full though, so off to Spoon Me we went!

The prettiest couple ever.

A close second.

And that's how a dizamn good birthday is done...


I have the bestest friends in the world, and spent a lot of last weekend with most of them! Lucky me!

Mary Kate brought her niece and nephew to the saloon while Ali and I did each others hairs. Check out the sweet mohawk I gave Anderson.

A little dinner break at Del Taco with Tiana

More to come on our fantabulous if anybody really cares.

Fake Holiday

Nu Skin insists we "work" on Pioneer Day, so our bosses conducted a little Amazing Race for my department.

You know how it goes, coworkers team up with complete opposites in over sized solid colored 100% cotton T-shirts purchased at Costco, and then run around Provo following clues, and completing ridiculous tasks. You know...

Those crazy peeps in the orange are my team. Orange Dream Team!

One task was tossing a Frisbee into a hula hoop. If you missed another member of the team had to do 10 push ups. If you traded responsibilities, 5 push ups had to be added to the 10. Our team had terrible luck in getting the Frisbee in that stupid hoop, so between all six of us roughly 300 push ups were done. I did 50, yay me!

I show you this particular picture with the man in the wheelchair because he saw us struggling, and figured he could help! He wheeled himself over, and began doing push ups FOR US! Obviously he is crippled in some way, (not to mention his cancer ridden lungs, and toothless mouth) so in order to get on the ground he had to eject himself from his chair, and just fall straight forward onto his hands. Now that's sacrifice!

Another task: arranging letters to spell our Vision Statement.

Cruel task: eating an entire bag of pork rinds between all six of us.

I'm that little creature over there kneeling down. This was the egg toss. Ryan (far left) had to toss an egg into my outstretched shirt. First toss, right in the left tata, luckily there was enough absorption, so the egg didn't break!

Here's the team after the race ended! We really had such a great time! I whined and whined the day before and tried to get out of it, but I truly enjoyed myself! Plus, I easily ran more that day than I've run in a year. Now I can avoid exercise for another year. Phew.


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