Monday, June 22, 2009


This little boy of mine (ok, Whitney's) had his first birthday June 12th!

We celebrated his birthday a few days later, since he was traveling the west coast on his actual birthday.

Whit made the cutest little cake, which he, of course, got his own big piece of to go crazy with. He didn't quite get it for the first while until we started shoving frosting in his mouth.

The Elk Ridge Law Enforcement was even present to be sure we didn't get out of hand.

And what a happy birthday it was!

We also had the pleasure of seeing our favorite cowboy perform "Black Cat" by Janet Jackson.
Happy Birthday Baba-Van!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Day!

Happy Father's Day Daddy Jack and Papa Steve, I love you!

Happy 4th Anniversary Tadd!

Happy 1st Day of Summer Everyone!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I could actually make this post a whole lot longer than it already is...we had such a good time, and gazillions of pictures to prove it. The following are only a third of them.

I WILL try to bore you with all the details...

First flight to Memphis, then onto Miami!

Hiding our talents? I think not. Bree and I showcased our artistic abilities for all the plane to see.

As well as passing air vessels...

First night was spent in a Miami hotel that some jerk of a taxi driver took us too. Believe me when I say I called his manager to let him know that I didn't really appreciate the cab driver calling us "stupid" and "bit*hes".

After a trip to Walgreens for ice cream sandwiches, strawberry milk and cold sore gel (for poor lil' me) we settled into our beds while visions of beaches danced in our heads...

Ready for our first day on the ship!

Lounging about before hitting up the pool deck

"Never thought I'd be on-a BOAT!"

Five minutes out in the very much anticipated sun, when this "little" storm rolled in.

Back to the lounge we headed, where the crew did their darnedest to entertain us. Exhibit A: below.

And entertained, we were!

I dare say it looks like I am having the most fun of my entire life right here.

My cruising partners: Tianne, Bree and Amy

Things to do: get a fake tattoo. CHECK.
I prefer Bree's.

After our tattooing. T got a tramp stamp. Who just does that?

I could really get used to this sight!

Enjoying the sunset.Heading out to Cococay on a tender boat, just a little wary of the impending storm...

Cool as a cucumber.

I call her Aurora.

Rarely did you see us without our Coke cups (except for most pictures).

With the weather so cooperative, of course we had to lay out again after returning to the ship from Cococay.

Formal night! Tianne and Amy with the captain. Does anyone else find him extremely small for such a large ship?

I loved my dress for formal night (thank you Mama dear), but sadly it was still a little short after Sue Bear had lengthened it, so a swimsuit went on underneath.
The classic Rose and Jack pose. Can't cruise without one!

Or without THIS pose!

We love the sea!

Day 3: Nassau, Bahamas
forgive the fogginess, humidity affects cameras too!

It affects this girl too. I'm a vision.
let's hope this picture can't be enlarged

Our Bahama-Boat-Bracelets!

Rum Cake...MMM...
Rookie: can you learn how to make these?

After a truly sad attempt at laying out near Atlantis (thank you rain) Bree and I decided to make an adventure out of the day anyway and walked back from the beach. Above is how far away our boat was after we had already walked about a mile. I even zoomed in a little!

The streets along our walk.

And later, the pool party on the pool deck!
All these fools were dancing on the deck, not IN the pool! So, we switched things up real fast!

Sadly, we were thrown in by mean, MEAN people!
Let me also add that my flat iron did not work in the stateroom outlets. HORROR!

This was by far the best night of the trip!

And we made the most out of it!

TT and I waiting to get kicked off the boat the morning of our departure.

With six hours to spare until our flight left, what else was there to do but head to Miami Beach! Luggage and all!

TGIF after hours and hours of a real beach day, ocean water and even dolphins!

I tried taking this golf cart in the airport back to Tadd, but the metal detectors wouldn't allow it.

I truly lasted until the last day without getting burned. Stupid Miami Beach in all it's loveliness.

So sad to be off the BOAT!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Letters to Marla

Dear Tadd,

Thank you for staying home and letting me escape with some girl friends, but let's go on a trip together soon. Ok? I love you.

Dear Bones,

Why don't you and Booth just hook up ALREADY? I realize I haven't seen your most recent season, but I'm sure hoping once I get there that I'm truly satisfied! It's just getting ridiculous!

Dear Life,

I so enjoy you sooo much more now that I don't work at The Skinny any longer. Speaking of which...Dear Nu Skin,

Please release my friends (Celina, Kristen and Bree) from your death grip soon...

Moving on...

Dear Life (continued),

Thank you for allowing me time off before we move to Viva Las Vegas. I appreciate your generosity and laid-back attitude.

Dear commute to and from home,

I'm starting to enjoy you. Especially since you give me time to do my make up every day. Shhh...don't tell the police. I specifically enjoy my daily DC and PB m&m's. Oh, and Heart screaming in my ears.

Dear blog readers,

Wish me luck as I attempt to refinish my first piece of furniture. Dun dun dun...

Dear Celina,

I'm a dirty, rotten thief of ideas. Forgive me, for I am boring and idea-less.


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