Tuesday, April 2, 2013

July 2012

The 4th of July parade out in front of the salon. Samson was very intrigued.

After naps at home, the perfect addition to any holiday, we spent the rest of the day at my parents' house. A perfect, low key holiday.

My parents' pool played a huge part in our summer, and it was blissful.

Our little conquering the neighborhood playground.

That awful Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease hit our household last summer. Poor kid!

Couldn't get enough of this!

Or this wittle bumcrack.

One evening while Tadd was out, I conquered our bedroom like a champ. Removed my closet door, moved this nightstand out of the hall and next to my side of the bed, and hung that gem of a mirror. I am woman, hear me roar!

Only took us twenty takes to get these perfect shots.

Blur of a boy

Ice cream, as well, played a big part of our summer.

Happy visit at the dentist!

An outing with Ashley, Buffy and all the kids to the crater in Midway. First day we skipped Samson's nap, and he impressed us all!

I'll never turn down post-nap snuggles.

One day that Haley took Samson with her down to my parents' house while I worked.

Donuts...oh dear donuts, how we love thee.

Two year check up!

A little boy's dream...dirty puddles.

One specific meal this boy can't get enough of.

Pioneer Day at Maga's

And Sam was NOT a fan of the fireworks. The year before, however, he laughed hysterically at them.

Uncle Chris does not mess around.

The only way we could keep Samson outside during the fireworks.
Sweet Harper sent "Sammy's Grammy" a letter with some of her beautiful drawings, and the response she received had her beaming!

Again, puddles!

Lovely LOVE this little family of mine.

This nakedness has only been the beginning of his nudist escapades.

My. Favorite. Ever.

Lots and lots of pool time was spent with these darling hooligans!

An introduction to potty training! We didn't actually start until January though.

Oh how my heart flutters when he grabs my hand like this. My sweetest little boyfriend.

Blanket joined us at church.

July's birthday celebration

This little face makes me melt into a pathetic puddle.

Bringing daddy Provo Bakery donuts and a balloon to work on this birthday...

...then stealing the balloon and taking it home.

Daddy's birthday party

Gavin, Collie and Bianca joined the party

Couldn't resist the swingin' Samson blur.

I'm the luckiest gal there ever was.


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