Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

16 grueling weeks
9 lbs lost, 2 3/4 inches lost
5:30 AM alarm Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Roughly 30 peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwiches for lunch
Hours and hours of intense physical training occasionally resulting in projectile vomiting
All completely worth it

Best graduation I've ever been to. Short, concise, genuinely enjoyable! And I only got teary eyed a few times, which is a huge accomplishment for me these days, yay me!

So much of our family attended Tadd's graduation, and we are so grateful for their love and support!

Check out my hot husband!

Tadd with his company "Team Money". Silly, silly men.

Standing with some of his class. Class 55 started out with 26 students, and dwindled down to 19 as students either quit or were kicked out. This program is no cinch; not for wimps!

Instructor Dennison. He was their physical training instructor, whom Tadd described as the energizer bunny.

Receiving his graduation certificate!

Posing around the new podium made by his class

Madi, Mazie, Elllie and Andrew made Tadd candy leis!

Nieces Kyra, Adrie and Bree

Each class leaves the academy with a class plaque, which Tadd and these other recruits made in his dad's woodshop. Best plaque the academy has ever received (in my opinion, anyway)!

We got all the nephews these shirts to match Uncle Tadd's!

Tadd is the new family hero in Jack's eyes!

Shaley and Roman

Lo, Dad, Mal, Nick, Whitney, Haley and Addie

Griffin and Crew, who could not have been more excited to wear their "fire shirts" and see the yellow firetruck!

The proud parents!

Breezy, Kris and Kecia

Almost all the nieces and nephews (Ava, Lyla and Addie were a bit camera shy)

Addison so admires her fireman uncle!

Such a handsome firefighter!

Tadd with his maternal grandparents. They were so sweet to come!

After graduation we headed to Rick and Lacey's for a graduation BBQ!

I surprised Tadd with a firefighter-themed cake, which my friend, *Kristin, made. I love having talented friends!

Could this have been any more perfect!? I was thrilled with the outcome, and it was delicious to boot!

My mom has a thing for spray paint. So, she appropriately gifted Tadd with a gold spray painted fire extinguisher!

Chris and Tysen & Co. gave Tadd a "Mt. on Fire"!

He's legit!

An adorable gift we received from Kecia!
Just like daddy!

We are so excited about this incredible accomplishment of Tadd's, and look forward to what this brings to our future! Wish us luck job hunting!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


UFRA Recruit Cox!

Tonight my awesome husband graduated from the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy. He is now a certified firefighter! I am absolutely beaming with pride, and it'll take a lot to bring me down from cloud nine!

Even better, I see a huge boost in Tadd's self-esteem, and there is nothing better than that! He has worked SO hard to obtain this, and should absolutely be proud of himself. I am just so pleased with proud! So very proud! Am I sounding redundant yet?

Me and my fireman!

*more on graduation and the post-grad festivities later*

Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Stupid Things Bug Me

And not just when I'm pregnant. Want to know some of the things that seriously irk me beyond belief, but are pretty stupid?

Placing a "?" before a "!" when pairing them together
Fingernails scratching on a suit coat in church
Saying "Nordstroms" instead of "Nordstrom"
When Tadd naps on Sundays, but it's ok if I do

Also, is it just me or did my stomach seeeeriously expand in a matter of 3 days?


32 weeks


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pancakes @ 1 o'clock

Today is Mall-Roy's birthday. I've always felt we have the best birthdays. Both the 13th, and both in a month beginning with "A". So happy best birth-day to you, deary!

The Utah residing girls were able to gather for lunch. Lunch? I mean breakfast for me. I can't resist when a restaurant serves breakfast all day.

Glad to spend some girltime with most of my sisters and ma.


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