Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Resolution?

Not to set one.

That way I don't disappoint myself. Low expectations, my friends. Low expectations.

And good heavens, I'm so glad January is a few days away...I'm growing tired of coming up with "winter like" B.S.

But today's? Weirdo teenagers ice skating in the University Mall parking lot. And yesterday's? Sister dates in place of sister gift exchanges.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Would've Been Satisfied...

...with only this little face for Christmas.

Winter like: seasonal jimjams
Yesterday's winter like: thick fog. so mysterious and creepy!

Another Year for the Books

Continuing the Christmas jimjams tradition...well, as best I can. I sorta failed this year. At least there was some sort of color coordination.

Little babies. Skinny little babies.
These ones of Tadd's got me through the last few months of pregnancy.
Poor cut off-Frankenstein fingie (warning, gross pics)
Seriously the only year we've slept at my parents? Shame! Shall be mending that next year!
Pregnant and grouchy.
And baby makes three.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmakwanzakah

Wishing you and yours had a happy holiday with loved ones.

This little loved one was sure a joy on this first Christmas. The wrapping paper: a huge hit.

Friday, December 24, 2010

These Days...

...I'm doing a lot of this...

Merrily doing hair at the salon
Enjoying my fabulous clients
Cutting my fingers
Entertaining the surrounding stylists and clients. I'm sorry, but I'm just hilarious.

Winter like: Christmas shopping online. I love getting packages on my porch.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Belated, Obligatory...

...six month post.

Little dude turned six months on the 9th, and is growing by the minute!

.I could just swear that from his dr appt, where he weighed 17.13, to last week (roughly 5 days), he has put on 3-4 lbs. Which, by the way, can definitely be felt when you are toting him around in a carseat alllllll the time.
.Those solid foods are sure helping him pack on the pounds. I'm even beginning to see a little wrist wrinkle!
.Hates peas. Loves carrots, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal with bananas.
.Definitely a messy eater.
.Loves his saucer and jumper, and has learned to actually jump!
.Doesn't love napping anywhere but his own crib, major problem when I'm spending day after day at my MIL's sewing Tadd's blanket for Christmas.
. SO loud. Blowing raspberries, squealing so high pitched. At times so high that only dogs can hear him.
.Tadd claims he's turning into a momma's boy. I wouldn't object
.Super ticklish.
.Sits unsupported for a bit. Practicing everyday!
.Getting so good at putting his binki back in his mouth, which may be the cutest thing ever. He's so focused and determined.

We love this little guy more than we ever imagined was possible, and look forward to his next milestones.

PS: Winter like: the sound of walking through perfect packing snow.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Winter Look

Will be "homeless chic". Bah! Impossible. With all the mismatched layering I'm forced to do to keep warm I look homeless. Perty huh?

I do like winter and snow for an excuse to wear my hobo hat.

And how about a white Christmas? Assuming all the snow doesn't melt like those weather people believe...

And yes, I take pictures of my homeless self expected more from a 14 year old using MySpace. Whadaya gonna do?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Enjoying My Coworkers and Bosses

I like winter for Christmas parties.

Tadd and I went to the Metropolitan Salon Christmas party last night, and had a ball! Fantastic food, games, prizes, gift exchange...

I won "Most Likely to Cut Their Finger". So proud!

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Joys of Thrifting

Let's talk about the awesomeness that is KSL.

I snagged this solid oak highchair, gently used for 30 freaking dollars. I'm over the moon about it! Been searching for one for awhile now, and I'm determined to have all my kids use it.

Trying it out for the first time!

And here we have the kling on face, brought on by peas. Can't blame him, they really were disgusting.

KSL - I heart you.

I like winter for the generosity it brings out in people, and in myself! I even shared the tape I was buying at the post office with an old woman so she wouldn't have to purchase her own. What Christmas spirit I have.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

If Easily Offended Please Pass on By

Tadd and I hosted a graham cracker house event. Us? Hosting? Tis true...twas a rare occasion.

Cosco Take n' Bake Pizza: delish
WinCo Bulk Candy: incredible
Christmas Vacation: never disappoints
Hot Glue Gun: way too hot, evidence below
Company: awesome

Wouldn't you want a burn cooling gel packet band-aided to your finger?

Adorning my interesting house. I can't do anything normal. And...I should wear actual pants.

After the blistering burn, Felicia gave up and refused to roof her home. It became a present!

Finished products
Hmmm...what's that you made, Celina? Let us take a closer look... homage to the tabernacle!
Quite the talent this one bears.

Winter like today: Holidates!
The boys were present as well, just more interested in the movie and Bert the Conqueror

I just heard Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson broke up, and the words, "good he's free!" flew from my mouth before I could stop them. Tadd is sitting right next to me. Sorry bootsy!
PS: he didn't even flinch. Should I be sad?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

For Realsies?

Not at all am I suggesting I have an award winning blog, nor do I want one, but I stumbled across this list of top baby blogs, and after perusing the list, I'd have to say it's more a list of who's who of crap blogs.

Seriously, half of them, if not more, are so poorly done. Awful formatting, terribly cheesy fonts, and ridiculous content. Styling your baby? Really? Send in photos of your baby's outfit and where you bought everything? Are we really this ridiculous?

Additionally, are you "mommies" serious about the names you've cursed your children with? Naturally, some don't love the name we chose for our little monkey, and I'm fine with that. But at least I didn't use an actual word for my baby that has never been used as a moniker, nor did I combine 14 names to create one. You poor next generation.

But my, I miss the high of welping a baby. Neeeeeever thought I'd say that.

I'm becoming increasingly bratty. And the sarcasm level has been raised to ridiculous heights over on this here blog. Today I thought,
"What if readers think I'm serious when I'm not?
Hmmm...I should consider italicizing all sarcastic remarks.
But wait, if I did that I may as well rename this thing "The Slanted Blog."

I've also come to realize that I want a nice camera. Not one that makes me look as if I'm a wannabe photographer because I'm not even remotely talented enough to even fake that, but just a good quality point and shoot. Maybe with a few extra bells and whistles? And Ashleywould learn me how to use it. Riiight? She would because I just redded her hair, and it's rad. Rad red.

On another note, I enjoy winter for the desire it brings on to drink hot chocolate. I pulled out my CocoMotion tonight and whipped up some Mint Truffle Stephen's Hot Chocolate. Yum. Now I'm considering stealing coffee cups from 7-11 to mobilize my hot chocolate drinking. Plus I hate mugs. The ceramic taste...eeeuuugghhhh.

And here, a little something to break up all them words.

This dude blew so many raspberries today I swear he lost weight from the amount of saliva he spit. I've been told by a certain ex-powerlifter I know that it IS possible to drop weight by spitting. Gross.

He also laid his head on my shoulder twice, and that's HUGE. Not a cuddler, this one, so I relish in the moments he does.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Love of all Kinds

Today I like wearing socks. I wore shoes today that didn't require socks, and my, were my feet chilly. I appreciate those knitted wonders that keep my toesies toasty.

Of course this double chin has nothing to do with my post, but mercy! Check out that chub!

Yesterday I was filled with all sorts of love
Love for fish tacos
Love for the color plum
Love for girls at the salon who wash my hair
Love for volumizing hair product
Love for childhood friends
Love for any and all things orange for my baby boy
Love for texting so I could semi fight with (or rather at) Tadd without having to verbally converse
Love for sisters (out, and in-law) who keep me company
Love for HeyTell
Love for Logophilia
Love for abbreviated words
Love for to-do lists (I finally learned how to write them! Remind me to tell you about that later)
Love for good, true, loyal friends

Thursday, December 16, 2010

He's a Sitting Fool

(with support)

Soon, though, soon he'll be sitting solo. Silly the things we get excited about. But freak, it's adorable.

Let's make it clear that I absolutely do not call my son "little prince", but rather find that gag worthy. I would certainly hope no other mother calls their son that, but I certainly hear many a mother call their daughter their "little princess", and while I may love these mothers as friends or family, I do not love this term of endearment. To each his own...I suppose.
So sorry for the offense.

And today I like Christmas hymns.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

As of Late

Our little prince (Haley, love it? ~gag~) enjoys oatmeal cereal with bananas.

Addie wears Samson's clothes. She actually wishes she was a boy.

Sammy holds his own bottle. Well, occasionally. This time he grabbed the bottle from my mom's hands and stuck it right in his mouth. This kid does not mess around!

The jumper is a hit.
And Mom, so is your bread. Tadd has dubbed you our official eternal-bread-maker.

Winter like: Christmas sales

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just Waiting for the Next Heinous Storm...

Winter like: festive wreaths

Inspiration found by Lindey, here.
Don't look too closely, mine is nowhere near as pretty as the original. Still fun, none the less. Another DIY project for the books.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Piece o' Cake

Winter like: making Christmas treats with my sissies and madre.

We made the most delicious, heavenly cake bites last week to give away to friends and family (if you haven't received yours from me, chances are I ate them. So sorry...but not really).

The mastermind behind it all!

Decorating the red velvet dipped in mint chocolate. Mmmm!

If you're interested in making these, and want to know how, message me! But I'd suggest just making them for yourself; helps build self appreciation.

Mally even provided darling boxes and paper cups.

All ready to go out!

I think I consumed the contents of this particular box...don't tell Mal!

The Weekend

Yesterday's winter like: Watching this little dude re-meet Santa. Once again - expressionless. It was extra amusing. And he got some new teething keys from Mr. Clause!

Our little fam's first photo with Santa

Oh, and I surely like winter sales. Hit up a few stores with the Cox girlies, and dear Tadd reaped the benefits of a sale or two. Lucky husband.

My winter like of today: this season is the setting of celebrating the birth of these two lovely ladies: Grandma Bet-Bet and Hells. Both born December 12th.

I so enjoyed calling Grammy today from my mom's and singing Happy Birthday to her with Dad, Mom, Tadd, Lo and Haley. I miss her!

And Haley...what a gal you are! Love you lots, and so happy we could spend some of your special day with you! Visit my mom's blog for Haley's yearly poem.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

And today...

I like winter because it's TV series season.

P.S: I literally just sat here for 20 minutes trying to come up with something I truly like about winter. It's getting harder and harder!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Brain is Everywhere

I'm so scatterbrained right now, and can't organize anything in my head. Tomorrow you can hope for a six month post on the babe, but don't count on it. I may be too busy writing lists of all the things I need to do.

Winter like: 50 degree days

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


...I'm a boring mom-blogger.

I truly didn't want to be, but with a kid as rad as mine, what else can I blog about? And I'm sure notaone of you really care about me, and are truly sick of the self portraits I take (which I take because I'm convinced one day I'll figure out a way to be photogenic).

But hey, if I'm totally wrong and I actually do offer some entertainment for any of you (are there even any of you out there?), fill me in, and I'll see what I can do about blogging things not only involving the little one.

Even though he's so cute. See?

Winter like: boots and coats

Tadd's winter like: blankets and heaters

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decked My Halls

Alright, so I enjoy decorating for Christmas, but I promise I'd like it even more if Christmas were in the summer.

I certainly love my pink and purple tree too much to switch it out for the traditional Christmas colors, but just can't find decor to match it. Oh well, I'm sort of liking my mismatched decor.

Isn't it so whimsical/vintage/bohemian? All words I love to hate.

Also, it bugs that all of my pictures involving wood are so orangey.

I loved adding a stocking to our "mantle" this year

How awesome is this? Get your print PDF here

And how sweet is this little reminder? You need one too, and you can get it here for only 5 buckaroos!

After I add my wreath that I'll be making soon, that's about all the decking of my halls I'll be doing this year, and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome.

So, my winter like? Decorating for the holiday.

P.S: Did I miss the memo that it's cool not to capitalize the beginning of sentences and "I"? What is with this blog craze going on? Sorry folks, but it actually makes you look uneducated. Or lazy. Take your pick. Yes, I'm rude, but certain things (aforementioned) just really get my goat.

And I just realized how ornery I sound in this post. Awesome. I actually had a fantastic day, and am most definitely a happy, happy girl.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Is December Over Yet?

Winter like: Dressing SammyBug in hats and leg warmers

One of the first things I bought when I was pregnant (mini boden)

We're a little obsessed with giraffes

Hate it if you want, but I love it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Red Lego Day

Samson and I ventured up to the land of Lehi for some face time with the Ingrams while Grandma babysat.

A big part of our visit was spent Lego-ing. Ocean liners, ducks, planes, lighthouses...we tackled them all.

Serious Lego business with this kid. Check out how clev he is here.

A whole new world

Van, inserting his fancy plane in the picture

And see, here it is. He needed extra seating on top of the cockpit. Very accomodating, this one, can't turn away a single passenger!

Grandma introduced el bebe to the wonderful noises of Legos clanking together...

...and, of course, their delicious taste

Winter like: CheddarCaramelButter Popcorn tins


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