Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decked My Halls

Alright, so I enjoy decorating for Christmas, but I promise I'd like it even more if Christmas were in the summer.

I certainly love my pink and purple tree too much to switch it out for the traditional Christmas colors, but just can't find decor to match it. Oh well, I'm sort of liking my mismatched decor.

Isn't it so whimsical/vintage/bohemian? All words I love to hate.

Also, it bugs that all of my pictures involving wood are so orangey.

I loved adding a stocking to our "mantle" this year

How awesome is this? Get your print PDF here

And how sweet is this little reminder? You need one too, and you can get it here for only 5 buckaroos!

After I add my wreath that I'll be making soon, that's about all the decking of my halls I'll be doing this year, and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome.

So, my winter like? Decorating for the holiday.

P.S: Did I miss the memo that it's cool not to capitalize the beginning of sentences and "I"? What is with this blog craze going on? Sorry folks, but it actually makes you look uneducated. Or lazy. Take your pick. Yes, I'm rude, but certain things (aforementioned) just really get my goat.

And I just realized how ornery I sound in this post. Awesome. I actually had a fantastic day, and am most definitely a happy, happy girl.


c.e.l.i.n.a said...

stop hating me.
i hate using capitalization.
faj kljfioej klfja'
l23j4ko jklfjakl

not really. but sometimes.

[Morgan] said...

that print is awesome.

you know what i hate? tHiS sTufF.


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