Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Red Lego Day

Samson and I ventured up to the land of Lehi for some face time with the Ingrams while Grandma babysat.

A big part of our visit was spent Lego-ing. Ocean liners, ducks, planes, lighthouses...we tackled them all.

Serious Lego business with this kid. Check out how clev he is here.

A whole new world

Van, inserting his fancy plane in the picture

And see, here it is. He needed extra seating on top of the cockpit. Very accomodating, this one, can't turn away a single passenger!

Grandma introduced el bebe to the wonderful noises of Legos clanking together...

...and, of course, their delicious taste

Winter like: CheddarCaramelButter Popcorn tins

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