Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Oh, how I love holidays. I love doing whatever the heck I want.

I woke up this morning at 9, headed to a spin class, almost died again....Came home and crawled right into bed again. It is now 4:00 and here I sit blogging and watching "Tora, Tora Tora" (not my choice).

Maybe I should go take a shower. But get this, if I don't want to...I won't! Oh, how I love holidays!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Just a regular ol' Saturday spent at the saloon, non stop from 10-5:30. Sounds awful, right? Not to me, I love my part time cosmetology job.

Come visit my chair at Robert Cole Salon, and I'll rock your world.

Message me for details

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wedding Stills

A few more pictures from the event. I just got these from Whitney, and I'm not sure why she thought the only pictures I wanted were ones that I'm in...Someday I'd like some of the bride and groom as well! How about those shoe pictures? Wuv wou Whitty.

My Mally pally

All the sissies. I have beautiful sisters, huh?

I think I'd like this one framed. I love this boy to bits!

Fixin' the hizair. I like Bree in the background holding down her dress. It was mighty windy.

Game #6

Dad scored four tickets in the Nu Skin suite to game number six of the Jazz vs. Lakers playoffs, handed them over to Tadd, and Tadd chose to take his wifey, Chris and Tysen. Poor Dad was stuck standing in a receiving line in San Jose for the Hall's second reception.

Fortunately for Dad he didn't miss out on anything. The game was absolutely terrible. Better luck next year, Jazz!

We ended up skipping out on the game early since it was THAT bad, and some reporters from KJZZ chased us down really wanting to know what Tadd and Chris thought of Burma and the Economic Stimulus. They were interviewed roughly 10 minutes longer than they wanted, but once you get Chris started, he just won't stop! It was pretty entertaining, and I may be able to get a hold of some pictures from the photographer that I'll post later.

Funniest part: When Chris was asked about the Economic Stimulus, and his thoughts, he proceeded to tell them he thought it was stupid and that all these people are just going out and buying big screen TVs with it, and so on...Guess what Tadd and I did with our Economic Stimulus cash?


The new Executive Account Manager for Southern California and Hawaii! Same job I've been doing for the past 20 months, but a new region. I've graduated from the east coast to the west coast, and couldn't be more excited!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


The Ingrams were in town for the wedding, and most likely won't be back for months and months since Whit is birthing another kid in five weeks, so I made it a point to spend as much time as possible with the trio.

I dismissed myself early from work on Tuesday, cancelled all hair appointments and ditched out on dance to spend time with my fabulous family. Some high points of the evening:

*Attempting to keep Jack on the putting green at Gladstan during our Aunt-Neph outing
*Trying to explain to Jack that although he's got a great swing, this is putting, and he must hit the ball a short distance
*Apologizing to the other golfers when Jack's ball rapidly rolled in front of theirs. Seriously, the kid didn't get it.

Whit, is your son a lefty?

*Trying to get Jack to share the Caramello we discovered in Gwampa's golf cart.

*The amazing steak Ethan made us
*The incredible salad with homemade croutons Whitney made us
*The sinfully delicious corn on the cob Ethan made us

*Jack put on a show for us after dinner. There is an amazing guitar solo in Blackcat - Janet Jackson that Jack rocked the house to.

This picture shows his face during the non-guitar part, and below....

... is how he looked as soon as the solo began, and he didn't adjust his face until the solo was over. You bet that kid was dead serious!

Evidence of the hilarity (new word, embrace it)

*Playing trains with Jack in the toy room
*Climbing into a one-man (honestly, a one-kid) tent with Jack and being the Mommy Pig. How rude is that? Do I resemble a pig in any way?

I realize most of my high points of the evening involve Jack, but I assure you family, I love you all and enjoyed spending time with each of you!

Four Wheelin' Fiasco

Tadd and I headed out on my mom's four wheeler on Sunday again, and I grabbed my camera this time. We found a secret trail that was quite scary. Our lives almost ended as the four wheeler began to tip to the left, hoping to trap us underneath.

I, however, am quite spry, and was able to make it off the monster before we were in the danger zone. Tadd is quite the strong man, and was able to shift his weight and pull the wheeler (remember Return to Oz?) to the right, and lo and behold...we were saved!

Here is proof of our adventure!

The wimpy trail

Wait...are my glasses so oversized that I can't smile properly without squishing my cheekbones?

No, you sicko's! Tadd is not relieving himself! He merely found a grove of trees he wanted to investiage!

I wasn't able to get a picture of the trail we almost lost our lives on, it was much too intense!
On our way back to the homestead.

Unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending. My "no place like home" shoes have been ruined. They were stripped of their identity, and can no longer be worn. I'm quite depressed about it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mothers!

Happy Mother's Day to both Sue-Sue and Camme. Tadd and I love you both very much for infinite reasons, and thank you for all you've done for us! We hope you had a fun-filled day!

Jive Dance

I just performed in my second annual concert with my dance studio, Jive, this last weekend and had a blast! There was a total of five peformances, but I skipped out on the two Friday night performances to attend the wedding!

Lots of family and friends came to support me, which I greatly appreciated! Two of my nieces, Mazie and Ellie, were also in it, and danced to their heart's content!

My good friend Tianne prepping for one of the performances.

Pretty sleepy and sick with a cold.

Two of my late night practice buddies, Tianne and Christina.

This year's theme was Unique Girls, so each dance represented a different type of girl. Our class was Tomboys, and we danced to Holla Back by Gwen Stefani.
L-R: Millie, Tajia, Meg, Stacey, Tianne, Me, Christina, Sam and Tania

I've really enjoyed dance this year because of the friends I've made!

My adorable nieces, Mazie and Ellie. Mazie danced to a car wash song, and Ellie to a surfer song. They were both so great! Way to go girlies!

In our finale costumes, which was my favorite dance. Super hard to learn, and the fastest beat ever, but really fun! This dance was to the last song from Hairspray, my favorite movie!

Ava thought it was so funny to kick me in the head!

My other late night practice buddy, Amy!

So yes, I take an adult jazz dance class. And yes, our skirts were really THAT short.

The Main Event!

Well, the knot has been tied. Tightly. It's one of those forever and ever knots. We're very happy for Jon and Haley Hall, and hope they are enjoying their honeymoon in Hawaii.

The day began at 9:30 at Robert Cole with some Kneader's breakfast. Supplies present to prep Haley for her big day: 1/2 inch curling iron, Uptight curling spray, clear hair elastics, dozens of bobby pins and hair pins, and gallons of hairspray. I wouldn't even know where to begin with the make-up Mallory used for Haley, let's just say she's incredible!

After Haley was properly primped I ran home to change, and prep myself. Well, Tadd and I were on time and I'm quite proud of myself, until we reach Lindon (sealing is at Mt. Timp) and I realize...just guess what I realized...I forgot my recommend! Of course the sealing is in 10 minutes.

I immediately called Whitney and she assured me she'd hold off the sealer! Tadd got us home in 8 minutes, and back in 12, amazing! We'd only missed a few minutes, but it was completely obvious that I was the sister who left her recommend at home. I can't tell you how many people congratulated the bride and groom, and then approached me to tell me how glad they were that I could make it. Gag. As if I wasn't embarrassed enough!

The sealing was beautiful, and I couldn't be happier for my little sissy. After the sealing there was much picture taking to be done, which makes for many hungry people. Some of us headed to Mi Ranchito for nourishment, and then to our apartment for nap time.

The reception was held at The Historic Southworth Hall on center street in Provo. The hall for the Hall's was decorated beautifully, and we had a wonderful time dining on salads, pastas, fruit and cake. I have to say I quite enjoyed myself, and it was great seeing friends from our old ward, and hanging out with family that came in from out of town!

I'm definitely looking forward to the next wedding, which I hope happens soon!

More pictures to come when Whitney sends hers to me!

From Temple to Tucanos

With the wedding on Friday, Thursday was a day of family and such. Haley went through the temple in Provo in the afternoon, and then we headed to Tucanos for dinner. Tadd was unfortunately throwing up LOTS that day, so he could not attend. Luckily, he passed it along to Mark the next day, what a relief!

The oh-so happy couple!

Don't worry, that one belongs to Megan, not Mal.

My cousin Chad and his wife, Janeen. We love these guys!

Preggy Whit and Ethee

My cute parents. Darling, eh?

Haley's BFF Tiff and mate-Mike

Momma Sue and Momma-in-Law Michelle

Whit and Kit

Try to ignore that thing behind these two lovely ladies


We had a lovely time at the temple and Tucano's. I promise you I ate my weight in garlic sirloin, and cod fish. I then drowned my insides with Brazillian Lemonade. Yummmmmmmmm. Thank you to the Hall's for putting on the wedding dinner! We had a delightful time!

Monday, May 5, 2008

May Showers bring May Weddings

Well, that title was lame-o, but I'm not. In reference to "more on that later" from my prev post, here are pics of the wedding shower festivities. There are a plethera, be prepared

Decor and Refreshments

People in Attendance

Mel, Mar, Me and Mal (Mal and I hosted the shower)

Mommy and her friend Lori, who made the most amazing cheesecake bites for the shower. Thank you Lor-Lor! And be careful carrying that bit of Reeses Peanut Butter cake near your chest next time...

Jennie and Milan Curtis, she looks exactly like a cabbage patch doll. But no "Xavier Roberts" squiggle on her bum, I checked.

Lora, Bree (our super duper awesome helper for the shower), Mal and Aunt Patricia.

All the ladies enjoying themselves. It looks like Marie may be entertaining the crowd.


Hells received many a gift, and things of all categories. From pillows and blankets, to food processors, to aprons, and lingerie, she's covered! (Or uncovered...)

Aves and I snapping pictures of the gift-opening.

Apparently, one of Jon's fantasies (can I state this on the world wide web?) is for Haley to be cooking in the kitchen wearing just what she's holding up. Scandalous!

Hells and her BFF Tiff. Love her bangs.

Three little ladies chillin' in the corner.
Thanks Mally for being the brains behind the operation!
And thanks to Haley for getting married!


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