Friday, January 29, 2010

Continued Letters

Dear little baby boy,
In the wee hours of this morning, while I lay awake unable to sleep, I finally felt you move for the first time.

It was such a cool feeling. A little like bubbles, a little fluttering, a little bit like you did a body roll, which would be really rad if you did.

I won't lie, I teared up a little, and then when I felt you move again, I giggled.

I'd love to say I will stay up until 3 a.m again for the chance to feel you again, but that's not likely. So, go ahead and wiggle around more during the day. Okay?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Letters

Dear face,
Please stop breaking out. I know with my hormones out of whack, you think it's acceptable to make me feel like I'm 12, but it's not!

Dear Addie-girl,
Please be a good little baby when I babysit you tomorrow. I won't even ask you to smile or laugh at me, just please play with me! Please help me to not feel more freaked out than I already am to have this baby.

Dear laundry,
Do I always have to fold you? 'Cause I don't...

Dear car,
Can you get your oil changed on your own? It's just such a hassle!

Dear bills,
Please pay yourself, and not with my money. Find other funds!

Dear Fire Academy,
Please treat my husband well, he's just so cute! Don't kick his butt too badly, ok?

Dear heartburn,
Just go away! I'm sick of burping up acid (TMI, I know), and chewing chalk (aka Tums) everyday.

Dear maternity garment bottoms,
You are ugly. And uncomfortable. I can only wear you folded down, but I prefer not to wear you at all.

Dear 6 a.m. mornings (Mon, Wed & Fri),
I actually don't mind you when I get up with Tadd to pack his lunch, and make sure he eats breakfast before he goes to school. But I think I only don't mind you because I'm with my cute husband, AND because I get to go back to sleep after.

Dear F.R.I.E.N.D.S,
I heart you sooo much. Thank you for entertaining me every night.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Farewell Friend

This is Celina

She's h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s

She gets really tan

She's not afraid to speak her mind

She loves Crest Diet Cokes

She has amazingly beautiful, curly hair

She's all sorts of a great friend, she'll back you up no matter what (if she likes you, lucky for me, she does!)

She's very giving and selfless

She's gone away for nine months to Ethiopia (no, her parents didn't ship her off to conceal a taboo pregnancy)

She's heading up an educational sponsorship program (read more here) that her family largely supports. I'm so proud of her! And fun to embark on such an incredible, rewarding adventure!

We had a little going away lunch a week before she left, good times!

But now that she's gone I realize we should've dubbed the entire month prior to her departure as Spend-Every-Lunch-Hour-And-All-Drink-Runs-With-Cely-Month.

How I will miss you! Keep blogging, and let's Skype!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I believe there were some Christmas festivities we participated in that need to be documented...

First off, Breakfast with Santa!

Only picture I got, but I love the looks captured on the kids' faces (and Tadd's) right after Santa made his surprise arrival.

Christmas Eve: dinner and games

Christmas bingo which ended in a marshmallow fight!

Right-Left game where everyone unwrapped a great gift! I especially loved Bree's enthusiasm when she discovered there was Dora paraphernalia among the gifts!

Drop-the-pin-in-the-jar-game (for lack of a better name): isn't Tadd just the cutest?

Reading of the Christmas Story from the book of Luke

Love the festive socks, Kris!

The kids acting out the nativity.

Christmas Morning

Gifts waiting to be opened...

We shared the morning with this crazy gang! The kids were hilarious to watch open all their gifts!

Family Gift Exchange (day after Christmas)

Lots of fun gifts were exchanged, but we especially loved the fire gear Tadd received from Rick! (have I even written about Tadd entering the fire academy this semester? I'll get on that asap...)

Bree gave Tadd's new boots a try!

Not pictured, but still worth documenting: Christmas Eve lunch with my family at Mi Rancherito (hit the spot, lemme tell ya!). It was so nice to spend some low-key time down south with my parents and littlest sis before the busy Christmas hoopla began!

We are so very thankful for our families and the wonderful gifts we received, but most importantly we were grateful to be able to spend time with the people we love!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Verdict

Don't you think these will look dashing on our little BABY BOY?

That's right, we found out today our June bug is a little HE! It's all too surreal to think about, but so very fun! We are absolutely thrilled!


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