Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Letters

Dear face,
Please stop breaking out. I know with my hormones out of whack, you think it's acceptable to make me feel like I'm 12, but it's not!

Dear Addie-girl,
Please be a good little baby when I babysit you tomorrow. I won't even ask you to smile or laugh at me, just please play with me! Please help me to not feel more freaked out than I already am to have this baby.

Dear laundry,
Do I always have to fold you? 'Cause I don't...

Dear car,
Can you get your oil changed on your own? It's just such a hassle!

Dear bills,
Please pay yourself, and not with my money. Find other funds!

Dear Fire Academy,
Please treat my husband well, he's just so cute! Don't kick his butt too badly, ok?

Dear heartburn,
Just go away! I'm sick of burping up acid (TMI, I know), and chewing chalk (aka Tums) everyday.

Dear maternity garment bottoms,
You are ugly. And uncomfortable. I can only wear you folded down, but I prefer not to wear you at all.

Dear 6 a.m. mornings (Mon, Wed & Fri),
I actually don't mind you when I get up with Tadd to pack his lunch, and make sure he eats breakfast before he goes to school. But I think I only don't mind you because I'm with my cute husband, AND because I get to go back to sleep after.

Dear F.R.I.E.N.D.S,
I heart you sooo much. Thank you for entertaining me every night.


Nickell said...

Ok. Try Prevacid. It worked wonders on me with my heard burn and acid reflux. Do it. Love it.

Jude N Eliza said...

You look so stinkin cute! I'm so excited for you guys. It was nice to see you the other day...hopefully we will be seeing each other a bit more frequently:)

Hen Pecks said...

Dear Caitlyn,

You're adorable.

Your Mother

Jonathan said...

Dear Aunt Cat,
I will try my best to behave and play. And if I happen to poop or spit up on you, it is out of love. I promise.

Love, Addie

Shanicherie said...

Chew gum (non minty) after eating. Worked for me! I also hated the breakouts. Burts Bees does a nice acne thing that doesn't have salicylic acid in it.

[Morgan] said...

one word for you.
don't even bother with the tums.
my ob gave me free samples all 18 months that i was pregnant. it saved my life.

nat.pear.sun said...

Just thought I'd let you know that I only purchased one pair of maternity g's and hated them... I would just get bigger sizes as I got bigger and they worked great, and were much more comfortable! You should try it. = )

cat+tadd said...

Dear readers - Thank you for the suggestions!

I did just start taking Prilosec (when I remember) and I'm praying it begins working SOON.

I've also upgraded to bigger sizes of garments, tops and bottoms, and it seems to be the best option!

A1C HURS said...

I totally agree, pregnancy face sucks! Mine likes to think I'm 13 again at totally random times...Not cool. Good luck with maternity garments! You're brave for trying them. And how fun you finally got to feel him move! It's the best feeling.

kecia said...

i loved this creative little post!

Angela said...

JD just finished the adacemy last semester. It is tough, but he absolutely loved it. Is he going to go onto paramedic?

Steph said...

Oh, you so speak my language friend. Heartburn is awful...I hate it. Milk works wonders for me though...
And the maternity bottoms? I bought one pair when I was pregnant with Ava and never bought another. They're hideous and don't fit right. Just get like size 36, and low ride....saggy booty and all. No one will know under your pants!
And oh...Aveda acne line has saved my life this pregnancy. It's the only thing that has worked, and that feels safe to use. Just some ideas. :)
Also, can I steal your mom? I love her comment. She seems like the cutest thing ever.

Jaime Stephens said...

yay for Tad starting the Foire Academy... I wish I could come get my hair done to hear details but I'm lazy... I hope it goes well it's not too bad..One more garment advice if your going to nurse don't get nursing g's just get round neck ones they work like a charm and you won't look like you stuff with all the extra boob material

kiley said...

Don't be scared to have this baby - you will be a great mom!

olivia said...

So Pete showed me your maternity shoot before I left and I've been wanting to come back over to your blog to peek on your whole pregnancy since then! Sad I dropped out of contact during that whole time! It's been so fun to peruse back through though; thank you for ALL you wrote. So glad to ween off advise from your bloggerites (whaddjacallem?) especially about maternity garments! Please bless that I don't meet your rash friend. Anyway, little Samson is so adorable. And so are you and your little family! I'm so curious about which downtown house became your home. So fun. Bah. Enough. You're awesome.


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