Saturday, December 18, 2010

For Realsies?

Not at all am I suggesting I have an award winning blog, nor do I want one, but I stumbled across this list of top baby blogs, and after perusing the list, I'd have to say it's more a list of who's who of crap blogs.

Seriously, half of them, if not more, are so poorly done. Awful formatting, terribly cheesy fonts, and ridiculous content. Styling your baby? Really? Send in photos of your baby's outfit and where you bought everything? Are we really this ridiculous?

Additionally, are you "mommies" serious about the names you've cursed your children with? Naturally, some don't love the name we chose for our little monkey, and I'm fine with that. But at least I didn't use an actual word for my baby that has never been used as a moniker, nor did I combine 14 names to create one. You poor next generation.

But my, I miss the high of welping a baby. Neeeeeever thought I'd say that.

I'm becoming increasingly bratty. And the sarcasm level has been raised to ridiculous heights over on this here blog. Today I thought,
"What if readers think I'm serious when I'm not?
Hmmm...I should consider italicizing all sarcastic remarks.
But wait, if I did that I may as well rename this thing "The Slanted Blog."

I've also come to realize that I want a nice camera. Not one that makes me look as if I'm a wannabe photographer because I'm not even remotely talented enough to even fake that, but just a good quality point and shoot. Maybe with a few extra bells and whistles? And Ashleywould learn me how to use it. Riiight? She would because I just redded her hair, and it's rad. Rad red.

On another note, I enjoy winter for the desire it brings on to drink hot chocolate. I pulled out my CocoMotion tonight and whipped up some Mint Truffle Stephen's Hot Chocolate. Yum. Now I'm considering stealing coffee cups from 7-11 to mobilize my hot chocolate drinking. Plus I hate mugs. The ceramic taste...eeeuuugghhhh.

And here, a little something to break up all them words.

This dude blew so many raspberries today I swear he lost weight from the amount of saliva he spit. I've been told by a certain ex-powerlifter I know that it IS possible to drop weight by spitting. Gross.

He also laid his head on my shoulder twice, and that's HUGE. Not a cuddler, this one, so I relish in the moments he does.


Haley said...

Jon looooves to come home at night and pour himself a ice cold cup of water IN A MUG. It makes me gag. So so so gross.

Hen Pecks said...

You two are so weird. It's a mug for heaven's sake, not a toilet.

Keisha said...

This is such a Caitlyn post!


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