Friday, December 17, 2010

Love of all Kinds

Today I like wearing socks. I wore shoes today that didn't require socks, and my, were my feet chilly. I appreciate those knitted wonders that keep my toesies toasty.

Of course this double chin has nothing to do with my post, but mercy! Check out that chub!

Yesterday I was filled with all sorts of love
Love for fish tacos
Love for the color plum
Love for girls at the salon who wash my hair
Love for volumizing hair product
Love for childhood friends
Love for any and all things orange for my baby boy
Love for texting so I could semi fight with (or rather at) Tadd without having to verbally converse
Love for sisters (out, and in-law) who keep me company
Love for HeyTell
Love for Logophilia
Love for abbreviated words
Love for to-do lists (I finally learned how to write them! Remind me to tell you about that later)
Love for good, true, loyal friends


Hen Pecks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hen Pecks said...

I love that little bug!


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