Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Weekend

Yesterday's winter like: Watching this little dude re-meet Santa. Once again - expressionless. It was extra amusing. And he got some new teething keys from Mr. Clause!

Our little fam's first photo with Santa

Oh, and I surely like winter sales. Hit up a few stores with the Cox girlies, and dear Tadd reaped the benefits of a sale or two. Lucky husband.

My winter like of today: this season is the setting of celebrating the birth of these two lovely ladies: Grandma Bet-Bet and Hells. Both born December 12th.

I so enjoyed calling Grammy today from my mom's and singing Happy Birthday to her with Dad, Mom, Tadd, Lo and Haley. I miss her!

And Haley...what a gal you are! Love you lots, and so happy we could spend some of your special day with you! Visit my mom's blog for Haley's yearly poem.

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