Thursday, December 23, 2010

Belated, Obligatory...

...six month post.

Little dude turned six months on the 9th, and is growing by the minute!

.I could just swear that from his dr appt, where he weighed 17.13, to last week (roughly 5 days), he has put on 3-4 lbs. Which, by the way, can definitely be felt when you are toting him around in a carseat alllllll the time.
.Those solid foods are sure helping him pack on the pounds. I'm even beginning to see a little wrist wrinkle!
.Hates peas. Loves carrots, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal with bananas.
.Definitely a messy eater.
.Loves his saucer and jumper, and has learned to actually jump!
.Doesn't love napping anywhere but his own crib, major problem when I'm spending day after day at my MIL's sewing Tadd's blanket for Christmas.
. SO loud. Blowing raspberries, squealing so high pitched. At times so high that only dogs can hear him.
.Tadd claims he's turning into a momma's boy. I wouldn't object
.Super ticklish.
.Sits unsupported for a bit. Practicing everyday!
.Getting so good at putting his binki back in his mouth, which may be the cutest thing ever. He's so focused and determined.

We love this little guy more than we ever imagined was possible, and look forward to his next milestones.

PS: Winter like: the sound of walking through perfect packing snow.

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