Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grahams, Glue and Glucose

I like the winter season as an excuse for making graham cracker houses.

Not gingerbread. Graham cracker. And we take our graham-cracker-making-business very seriously. Crack houses, you might say.

Frosting to hold the house together? Psshaw. Hot glue works much better. I wouldn't suggest eating it, but who actually eats the foundation of the house? Pretty sure only the candy is picked off and consumed.

Sugared minds at work

Jack wrote up a blueprint, smart boy
Sam returned some of those kisses he gets from Addie
A snazzy marshmallow snowman
$150 worth of candy
Yes, I built a mansion
And yes, Mark made a Tai fighter

Megan - The Shire?

My mansion! I wasn't able to finish it since lil' Sam just wouldn't stay asleep at grandma's.
Notice the garage door. I'm so clev.

Jon the architect. You should've seen him whittling away at those crackers to create perfection.

And always favored to win...the artist.

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