Monday, April 1, 2013

May 2012

This whole catch-up thing is getting RIDICULOUS, so I'm updating month by month. And maybe ONE DAY, I'll catch up completely! (but probably not)

While we waited outside Haley's one afternoon for her to come home this random dog kinda sorted attacked Samson, in a friendly way, and I couldn't help but capture it rather than save him. 

And his obsession with water continues. Dumped the whole thing all over himself.

But when it comes to the car wash, he's NOT the biggest fan. We have to hold hands the whole time.

This swing has gotten us through some tough times.

As has this little gal, her baby sis and her mama.

I never EVER tire of watching him sleep.

Footie pajamas in May? Looks like mom hadn't been doing laundry!

Sprinklers played a huge part in our spring and summer last year.

Man oh man, so did watermelon.

Once again, can't remember where this black eye came from.

First slurpee, and it was a hit.

Naturally, we couldn't wait to get home and wash the Costco strawberries before eating them.

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