Tuesday, April 2, 2013

June 2012

Looking at this picture makes me REALLY miss our old house, and my desire to decorate as well.

Always being goofy, and we love it.

Prepping ourselves for take-away-the-binki-event. He did amazingly well, thank you very much.

Water toys of any kind were the perfect birthday gift. 

With sweet baby Sorence

Watching daddy in the Provo Open


Celebrating Mia's one year anniversary with a cupcake.

Could you just die?

Eating lunch at Uncle Jon's work, and by lunch I mean copious amounts of Root Beer.

Casual Friday happens to the best of us.

The quintessential summer sandal

Just supporting our husband/daddy at his softball game, and I get called upon to join the team since they're one player short. I literally lived my worst nightmare.

A walk up the canyon with Ashley, Harper and Johnny

(sidenote) One of those in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time sorta things. This amazing mirror at DI for $7!

Cutest little hikers

Legacy pool with cousins

2 year pics at Ashley's studio

And she snuck in a couple of me too, little sneaky-sneak

More from the hike. Nothin' better than stripping a toddler down to his diaper in public. 

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