Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Letters to Marla

Dear Tadd,

Thank you for staying home and letting me escape with some girl friends, but let's go on a trip together soon. Ok? I love you.

Dear Bones,

Why don't you and Booth just hook up ALREADY? I realize I haven't seen your most recent season, but I'm sure hoping once I get there that I'm truly satisfied! It's just getting ridiculous!

Dear Life,

I so enjoy you sooo much more now that I don't work at The Skinny any longer. Speaking of which...Dear Nu Skin,

Please release my friends (Celina, Kristen and Bree) from your death grip soon...

Moving on...

Dear Life (continued),

Thank you for allowing me time off before we move to Viva Las Vegas. I appreciate your generosity and laid-back attitude.

Dear commute to and from home,

I'm starting to enjoy you. Especially since you give me time to do my make up every day. Shhh...don't tell the police. I specifically enjoy my daily DC and PB m&m's. Oh, and Heart screaming in my ears.

Dear blog readers,

Wish me luck as I attempt to refinish my first piece of furniture. Dun dun dun...

Dear Celina,

I'm a dirty, rotten thief of ideas. Forgive me, for I am boring and idea-less.


Single Girl said...

dear Caitlyn,

iM sorry I feel asleep last night watching crappy NCIS with my sister and neglected to stop by. Alas I will be in the hills again tonight.

Dear Skinny,
I would at times like to be release from what Caitlyn calls a death grip. Currently I am far to busy and important for that. Though I am jealous of caitlyns free time.

Dear Tadd,
Beware that people can see your head when you shower, and now there are missionaries living in the pool house.

meagan cohoon said...

What? You are moving to Vegas?

Cunning said...

Um Monday????

cat+tadd said...

Cunners: should I be able to crack this code?

Steph said...

I love your blog.


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