Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rest O' Memorial

Grandma Sally and Grandpa Erv were paid a little visit by Tadd and me last night. I really enjoyed visiting their headstones, it was so peaceful!

Tadd never had the chance to meet my mom's parents, so it was fun sharing a few things I remembered about them with him.

Specifically how my grandma prounounced "onion" in her sweet Irish lilt, and my grandpa's ever-present lemon drops.

Sally Katherine Samson and Ervin Dryden Samson (WWII Veteran)

Also, Tadd told me he DOES want to be buried next to me! He loves me!

I suggested that if we both died at the same time we could be buried in the same casket. Genius idea, right!? Save some cashey for the afterlife.


~Morgan~ said...

my husband and i will die together.
this is all.

cat+tadd said...

Amen Morgan.

Sarie said...

Thanks, I have to admit I LOVE my ring. you'll have to make sure you get me your address so I can send you an invite!

~Morgan~ said...

so, jonas likes that your name is cat:) the whole way home this afternoon he kept saying "my haircut, cat, my like it. my handsome. my haircut, cat."

Trent and Kimberly Ewing said...

thanks for my laugh today! I can picture it all, especially the spending of the cash in the after life!


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