Friday, May 1, 2009

So Get This...

I know a girl who knows a girl who is a bride.
This bride kicked her own sister out of the wedding party because she didn't make weight and called up an old roommate to fill her spot since she thought she could fit into the dress.
True story.
What a beast.

Also, I Tide to Go-ed my jeans and now I have blue spotted garmies. {Fancy}


~Morgan~ said...

say what? cruel.
i have few blue garmies from my denim, but not spotted. you're cooler for sure.

Scott, Rachel, & Mason Murray said...

I kind of know how that feels since 3 of Scott's siblings have or are getting married within 3 weeks of me having a baby. I am always excluded (thankfully) from having to where a bridesmaid dress.

Jude N Eliza said...

Who is this Crazy Bride? And really Who is the brave soul thats going to marry her?


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