Monday, May 25, 2009

"Got Dance?"

was the theme of Jive's 2009 dance concert. My last dance concert with Jive. I feel like it was a great end to my Utah dancing career. Now onto my Vegas dancing career...

L-R clockwise: Myself, Tianne and Amy (more to come of them later after our cruise!), my class in our finale costume, Tianne and me (DFF!), my class in our class costumes for 4 Minutes

My super supportive family! (Tadd and Mom behind the cameras)

L-R clockwise: Liz, Celina, myself and Bree, myself and Mazie, me with the two little dancers, myself and Ellie

I got to dance in the same concert as my beautiful nieces, who both did a fantastic job!

I have loved dancing at Jive and will definitely miss it!
Thanks to everyone who came to support me!

1 comment:

~Morgan~ said...

you dance?! wow. you really are good at everything!
you look hot also.


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