Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Little One

14 months. For reals? It's wild how fast time goes by. Cliche, as that might sound. I've started to stress that I'm going to forget things Samson has started doing, and when he did them, so here's a little "for the record" type of post.

.Recently started hiding behind corners and coming out from behind them saying "BO!" Not "boo", "bo"!
.Also says cookie, hi, bye, woah, wow, Lyla, papa, mama, dada, thanks, baby, book, bonk
.Has begun to repeat and mimic a lot of sounds and actions
.When asked what a lion, dog, sheep or duck says he says roar, bow-wow-wow-wow, baaaaa (this has actually turned into haaaahaaahaaaa), and cack-cack
.Has discovered he can screech among the best of them, and performs this "talent" of his o.f.t.e.n. It's getting so bad that I have to leave stores early because I'm so embarrassed. It's really tough to ignore in public when everyone is staring at me wondering why I haven't slapped the kid yet. Our newest thing has been spraying him with a water bottle when he screeches. Yes, much like a puppy dog. So far, he just says "whoa" and laughs. Tadd said he discovered how to spray the bottle tonight and sat there soaking himself for 10 minutes. Something tells me this discipline technique will not be fruitful.
.He loves fruit, and it can be a battle to get him to eat anything else. Except for the fruit puffs. He'd eat a whole container of those in one day if I'd let him.
.He's super active, and can't even stand to swim for more than 5 minutes at a time since he'd rather be exploring around the pool.
.Is perfectly content to sit in his crib for 15-20 min with his books while I get ready in the morning. He especially likes to jump in it and land on his bum.

Will probably add to this later on, that's all I can think of for now!

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Lindsey said...

Austin went through a screaming phase and I thought of doing the water bottle thing too! That cracks me up that when you sprayed him he just went "whoa"! Good news is Austin just outgrew it and stopped on his own. It really is so annoying though!


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