Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Newish Year (by the 6th the novelty has already worn off, right?)

2010 blew all other years out of the water, so Mr. 2011 - show us what you got!

A little slushy Martinelli's to ring in the new year and a kissy-kiss from my lovey (not pictured for your sake)

We put Sam to sleep in Ava's crib, so naturally we woke him to go home. So grumpy.

Digitally undocumented events:

The greatest New Years Eve fish fry you ever did see. Fried halibut, fried shrimp, french fries, onion rings, steak, crab, lobster tail, shrimp cocktail, and deep fried oreos. And yes, I came home 5 lbs heavier.

Mad Gab extravaganza. Where "crime suspect" became "8 grams of fat" and "We the People" was confused for "We ate people", thanks to Corbin. Never play Mad Gab without him, or you will not truly experience the hilarity that is this game. Go Team Cobras!

Another Corbintastrophe...experimenting with Chris' new soda machine. Apparently you have to tip the bottle after squirting in the CO2 before you unscrew it from the machine. Did Corbin tell me this? Nooooooooooo. So what happened? Major lemon-lime soda explosion! And had Kris not insisted on no diet soda I wouldn't have spent the rest of the night all sticky. Thanks dude. It's very unfortunate this event wasn't photographed. Apparently Kyra was laughing so hard she couldn't even talk when she went upstairs to tell everyone.

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