Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas EVE-nts

Traditional games played at Grandma and Papa's

Fish pond - a new favorite among the kids

The concept was lost on Samson

Drop the clothespin in the jar. I'm embarrassingly bad at this one.

No-idea-of-the-title-of-this-card-game, but Ellie is ruthless!

Sam's favorite part of the day: bath time!
The dudes loved watching Sam and Lyla splash around in the big tub.

Story time before bed.
Check him out all kicked back and chill.

The spirit of Christmas, errrhmm...really took over Crew.

Right-Left game

Other digitally-undocumented events...

The finishing of Tadd's quilt, which I swear on this blog I will never do again. I am NOT a seamstress. Luckily, with the help of family, Tadd's quilt doesn't reflect my sewing downfalls. Thank goodness for the patience of others as they helped me!

A Christmas catastrophe at the Leishman home. Some floodage in the basement where all the gifts were being stored (the Cox family hides all the gifts from each other until Christmas Eve, then they are set out before Santa comes). Lacey had to unwrap all the presents and assess the damage.

Fortunately, only one gift was fully destroyed, while others only had damaged packaging. Camme, Lindey and I rushed over there armed with extra gift boxes and wrapping paper to help re wrap everything. Fortunately, crisis averted, and the merriment continued as it should!

A little preview of Always Sunny in Philadelphia courtesy of Lindey and Corbin. Gonna need Season 1 to get a little more of that goodness!

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