Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Post-Christmas Gift Exchange

We spread out Christmas with the Coxes over a few days, which I certainly won't object to in the future. It's nice to extend the holiday.

Mazie sure spoiled Samson with two classic books, a board puzzle, and edible paper! It's crinkly paper sewn inside a piece of fabric. Sam and Lyla absolutely loved them!

Don't you enjoy my new post-pregnancy hairline?

Samson gave Crew some firetruck legos, which I think he enjoyed!

Lacey gave me exactly what I wanted, a new lunchbox! I'm super excited to take my lunch to the salon. You know, my lunch of diet coke and donuts.

And she also gave me the cutest measuring cups in the whole world. They fit in perfectly with the rest of my kitchen things; pretty to look at it, and very content not to be used! I love them.

Kecia gave Tadd a cool game that'll be lots of fun when it's warm for now, who the hell wants to hang out outside anyway? We love summer!

I'm in a blogging funk...can't you tell? I've wondered if I should make a goal to continue this blog-everyday thing I've had going on. And if so, what do I blog about? Not much happens around here to actually blog an event of sorts everyday, and this here blog would get reeeally crazy if I just blog my thoughts. You do NOT want to get in here [points to head].

Any ideas? Should I attack my hair blog instead?

1 comment:

Ryan + Jess said...

I love to read...but would love some hair updates, too! You've got so much free time, can't you just do both (I'm chuckling to myself really hard as I type this)?


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