Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Afternoon...

...was meant to be spent sledding the slopes of Gladstan golf course. Unfortunately, the stupid weather had iced over all the snow, so we'd be looking at more of a Clark Griswold saucer event if we'd gone through with our festive plans.

Of course, the day was far from ruined. The company, delicious soups, gifts and games were all we needed for a perfect Christmas day!

Mr. Bouncy McBouncerson

Mal's new camera in action...I just covet it, that's all.

We so enjoyed this Christmas holiday, now winter can end. Right???

1 comment:

Shelby Lou said...

You really hate winter, don't you?
Oh geez. Your baby is the cutest! I covet her camera also, those pictures are very nice!


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