Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Day My GPS Tried to Kill Us

We had an amazingly, amazing day planned on Friday with these ladies. Jessica was flying up from Vegas for a much needed Girls Day, and Carrie had come down from Idaho (where they are half living). Mary, TT and Ali were getting off work at 5 or 6, and then we were all going to meet up, have dinner, go to someone's house and play, play, play!

clockwise L-R: Tiana, Jessica, Carrie, Ali, Mary Kate

Samson and I headed down to Santaquin to pick up Carrie and her son, Dane, around 10:30 so we could head up to SLC and pick up Jess when she flew in at 12:45.

You see, I have this fancy phone, with this fancy GPS, so when Carrie gave me her address she said I could call her for directions, but I thought..."I'll just be all advanced and use my GPS". So, we get off the freeway and made our way to her house, and that's when my GPS tried to murder us.

My first hint should've been the sign saying, "No Winter Maintenance Beyond This Point", but I continued on, going where I was told to go. A slight right at a bend in the road that could easily have been a field, down the giant snow packed hill, onto the narrow one car road until we reached...nothing. Yep, that damn red dot we'd arrived at was no more a house than I am Santa Clause.

We looked to be east of where Carrie may live, but down across a ravine and railroad tracks. Superb. So, I kept driving to find a wider part in the road to do a 3-point turn, since there was no way I could flip around seeing as how the road dropped off on both sides of us.

I find a place to turn around, and what do you know? I underestimated how much snow had built up off the road, and after 2o minutes of drive to reverse, to drive and reverse, etc, and dug out as much snow under the tires as I could, I was sufficiently stuck.

Carrie's husband being up at work in Orem, and her not knowing any of her neighbors, I had no choice but to call Tadd. He and his boss headed down to rescue us, hooray!

To justify the situation I had gotten myself into, I gave Tadd the same address I used to put into his phone, and he got the exact same directions. When he arrived I apologized a number of times for being stupid, and he said, "you're not stupid, I don't blame you. Just don't do it again." Well, duh!

However, we did enjoy ourselves while we awaited our rescuers.

Sammy enjoyed getting out of his carseat and sitting up like a big boy.

"WTH are you doing?"

Two teethies!

Jess called after we were un-stuck in response to my S.O.S text to which I answered and immediately said,

"You are going to kill us. I got stuck in the snow, and we are going to be at least an hour late in picking you up."

And she said,

"No, you are going to kill me. I missed my flight."

Dun, dun, dun. So what started out as a Girls Day ended up as a Girls Night where Mary, TT, and Ali met Carrie and I at my house around 7:00, then left for SLC to pick up Jess by 9:00, went to dinner then went to Ali's in Sugarhouse to hang.

Lots of funny things were said, lots of laughing was done, (and to surprise you), lots of gas was passed (not me!). I love these girls, and am so glad we found each other! We are all vastly different, but when we are together it's just like old times, and our differences compliment each I'm getting all mushy...I just love them! Maybe more pictures later.

Girlies, let's not let another five years pass again before ALL six of us are together again!

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