Friday, January 14, 2011

Never Published

I discovered this post in the depths of my draft posts and wanted to resurrect it. Or would it be surrect since I never actually posted it? Hmm...

October 1st of 2009 Whitney and I headed to Sparks, NV to visit eldest sister Megan, BIL Mark and baby Sophie.

Whitney had announced her pregnancy roughly a month before our trip, and was amid her nausea phase of the first trimester. She drove to avoid car sickness, which gave me nothing to do but be bored FOREVER. That is, by far, the ugliest drive in history.

I did my best to entertain myself with caramel bugles, games on my phone, and taking stupid pictures.

To bring back memories of our childhood road trips to visit Grandma Betty, Aunt Sue and Aunt Robin, we pulled over at the Bonneville Salt Flats and gazed upon the beauty that is The Tree of Utah.

What the freak is this thing?
The artist created this thing to bring bold color and beauty to the salt flats. Mission accomplished? Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder.


The Bonneville Salt Flats are freakin' weird. And the most well known salt flats in the US. You'll notice that all those car commercials on vast flatland are filmed on these salt flats. I've been told the weirdy dream scene in Pirates of the Caribbean III was filmed here as well.

Pwetty Whitty
and pwetty witty

Also on this trip? The discovery of something occupying my womb.

I mentioned to Whitney on the drive that a little something hadn't arrived yet, and I seemed to remember the date in which it should've arrived had passed. She said if that was still the case when we left on Monday, I should take a test.

So, how long do you think I waited? Roughly 12 hours from that conversation.

Us girls, minus Soph, were heading out to visit Mark at work and I'd taken the test as Meg and Whit got in the car. That second line was faint, and I felt the need for some reassurance so I brought the stick with me into the car and asked Whit if I was reading it correctly. Very nonchalantly she said to me, "Oh ya. You're pregnant." Just like that. Housing a fetus. Growing a little dude. Awaiting the nausea.

Immediately I called Tadd to tell him he was going to be a daddy, but no answer. Two more times and I did what any other wife would do. Took a picture of the positive test and texted it to Tadd. Can't even imagine being in his shoes and opening up that text.

Megan kept this test in her car for two weeks. She's super obssessd with me I guess. Guhross.

It nearly killed Tadd to keep our news secret for two days until I got home. Don't worry though, I made him swear on his life he wouldn't tell. That's how we roll.

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whitneyingram said...

You forgot the part where you licked the salt flats because I wanted you to.


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