Thursday, January 20, 2011

And Then There Was The Week... boyfriends threw up a lot.

Tadd has been super sick this week with a respiratory infection and a wicked cough. Dear Tadd was "blessed" with a really touchy gag reflex, so when he coughs as hard as he has been, he throws up.

Many a person says how alike Sam and Tadd look, but their similarities go beyond their physical appearance. Dear Samson was blessed as well with a touchy gag reflex, and this particular week he's been experimenting with it's abilities.

Monday afternoon he was chewing on some pizza crust at lunch, and there may have been a piece floating around in his mouth, so naturally I stuck my finger in there to retrieve it, but instead, I gagged him, and...retch.

Wednesday morning Tadd got into a coughing fit, and then spent five minutes hunched over the toilet retching as well.

Wednesday afternoon at lunch, Samson gnawed on a coaster, and five minutes later spit up a little, then threw up all over.

This morning, Tadd once again coughed/threw up.

Later this morning, I was feeding Sam oatmeal cereal with mashed up banana and he gagged and gagged and yup...threw up. So, while Tadd was holding his hands away from the highchair so he wouldn't play in it, he caught a good whiff of it, and guessed it, threw up again.

This afternoon, I ran canned green beans through my baby grinder twice, mixed with water, and fed Sam. The texture didn't sit well with him, and of course, he threw up AGAIN.

I've done a lot of laundry today.

What will tomorrow bring?
I don't even want to know.

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