Monday, January 24, 2011

Only Four Weeks!

We showered these two lovely ladies and their soon-to-arrive baby girls!

Lindey's shower was in November with three months to go.
Lindey, Melissa, Ali.The girls minus Kecia, who had to leave early.Kecia and Lyla.Adorable Toms!

Shaley's shower was this month with about 5 weeks left!
Lyla eating Sammy.Shaley and some friends."L" cookies for Lucy.Baby Lyla.All the girls (look at those seriously adorable baby bellies!)

I'm SO excited for these babies to arrive! Samson hasn't been a newborn for quite some time, and I miss it! These babies are coming at the perfect time because I ocassionally get the newborn itch these days. Tadd will have to remind me multiple times when these little ladies arrive that it's NOT time for another. And then we can collectively list the 18 million reasons why.

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