Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Crafternoon Day Ended Like This...

Taken before the toy was taken away and Samson started crying. Single child much?
And look at that darling Violet! She looks like a 50's baby, huh?

This kid just wants to take off but can't get those arms to move! No rush, buddy! No rush.

Then we did lots of this. And by "this" I mean gnawing, giggling, cuddling and most of all, drooling.
Yes, that is absolutely a string of drool from chin to floor. Oh, the talents we discover daily, yowza.

Like my kid? Like other kids? Check this out!


Haley said...

My favorite shot is the belly shot. And holy crap, he is getting close to crawling. Watch out, dearest.

Keisha said...

single child syndrome is something we have over here too! something is not right for the child, and WAHHHHHH you better watch out.


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