Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Brothers

Mom, I was kinda right! Los Hermanos means The Brothers!

Mal, Lo, Mom, Sam and I gathered at Los to celebrate 1/11/11, or rather...we just felt like it. Many a topic was discussed, and we decided we needed to get together as stisters and ma for a DIY project. But what? Something unusual...not "Provo"...something to fit in the home of this brat. Any idears?

And shut up. Shut up. He kills me. The foolproof way I can get him to smile these days is by saying, "ma-ma-ma-ma-ma."
He thinks it's hilarious that I'm trying to get him to say that.

Oh, and beeteedoubleyou, tooth #2 poked through today. That lucky duck.


Josh and Jackie said...

He is so cute! Kaymie is almost 1 and she still has no teeth!...It really weird, Cash at 1 had 6 so I am starting to worry a little

kecia said...

that smile is PRICELESS!


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