Monday, March 21, 2011


Day 26 – A photo(s) of somewhere you’ve been to.

Hawaii 2006 (I think)
(One of the four times I've been. I'm spoiled.)
Long long ago before we realized we don't have to be matchy-matchy for family pictures to look good, minus six future family members (sorry you're cut off, Whit!)

Dodger stadium September 2008
Don't eat a Dodger dog, not even good.

Should I relocate here? October 2009

Arizona September 2009
Little unknown bun in the oven

A black hole
...of looooooooove
September 2009
Pete Stott Photography

La-la land
I often revisit this place
June 2005
Pete Stott Photography

1 comment:

Em & Gar said...

Did you really just reference the BACHELOR (a few posts down)?!?!?! So you're admitting it's not just for stupid people? Welcome to the band wagon deary!:)


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