Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Day 28 – Your favorite movie.

What's not to love?
That's right, I'm reeeal classy.

On another completely different note, m

y crazy dog loving sister asked me to post this:


My dog and I pass Catch everyday on our walks and we really miss seeing him. I can't stop worrying about him, I thought spreading the word on blogs couldn't hurt. So if you're up for it post the information on your blog. Let's help these people find their dog.

Name: Catch

Description: Large, tan/brown Ridgeback (his hair grows in a "ridge" on his back.) 120 lbs and stands 29 inches at the shoulder. He is missing his right eye. He was last wearing a metal chain collar with no tags.

Last Seen: Sunday March 6th @ Center St. & University Ave. in Provo.

Additional Info: He is very friendly, has never been aggressive and is strongly motivated by food (that's a great way to get him to come to you.) He rarely barks, but sometimes whines.

Contact: If you have found him or have any other information, please call Matthew and Michele, "We miss him so much!"

Call: (503) 893-5236


Cunning said...

Hi. Glad you are alive. Been too long dear amiga.

[Morgan] said...

liar liar?
oh dear.
this movie drives me craaaaaaaazy!

Preston & Tiana said...

I love that movie I would say it's like one of my favs. I even wanted to keep the VHS and Preston made me get rid of it. Ha Ha.


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