Friday, March 11, 2011


Day 18 – Something you crave a lot.

.A 32 ouncer, of course

.Tomato Basil Pie from Molly's


.My baby's giggle

.Striped clothing


Well, that was a boring post. So, in hopes to liven it up, here's a play-by-play of my yester-day (rhymin' fool).

Awake at 8, el bebe no longer naps right away in the morning. There goes my sanity.

Fed Sam a bottle, of course.

Fed myself some cheerios and strawberries.

Sent Tadd off to work after making him a deluxe breakfast (False).

Watched the monster explore all over the house (must babyproof soon).

Naptime around 11. Of course for the both of us.
Readied ourselves for the day around 1, any other mothers this lazy?
Two jars of baby food, tried shielding myself from the joyous spitting from the baby.
Discovered peek-a-boo.
Pit stop at Crest.
Hit up Smith's for groceries, considered ditching my car and just walking home while basking in the sunshine straight from the store, cart and all.
Out for a walk pushing something I did not steal.
Stopped by Mally's and admired her face painting skills on Lauren.
Stopped by Iguana Ink and Metropolitan. (Goodness, this is not exciting at all...)
Strolled back to Mallory's, anger flared up as I see mom's car out front, and no missed call or text on my phone.
Anger subsides when I see she's here with Jack after taking him to the Army store for his birthday. Mother excused.
Decided with mom that Samson will be the type of teen that will eat us out of house and home.
Enjoyed some sweet potato fries. Wished Jacky-boy a happy birthday. Let Dash taste and sniff baby boy.
Headed home to put Sammy down for a nap. Bottle, books and bed.
Worked on tax stuff (why am I an adult?) while watching Easy A.
Let in electrician to fix our ridiculous wonky circut, resulting in my clumsy self waking up Samson after only a 45 min. nap. You'd think it would be the electrician who woke him up. Nope.
Two more jars of baby food. Gobbled up those bananas and apple&blueberries.
Made dinner (a granola bar and peanut butter pretzels).
Hit up Crest again (dessert).
Kids cut for Miss Ellie Thomas. She got bangs today, and couldn't stop giggling from excitement. Her mother tells me Ellie hasn't slept the last few nights because of her excitement! Will she sleep tonight anticipating her big debut at school tomorrow???
Home to make pizza for realsies dinner, and by make I mean pop two frozen Totinos in the oven (Mom, are you feeling ashamed yet?).

Bathe Samson. Observe the fun he has in the tub.

Head back to the salon for a consultation. Did NOT hit up Crest again. Baby steps, all. Baby steps.

Came home. Peek into baby's room, discover he's not yet asleep and make him really mad when I sneak out.

Settled in to do more tax stuff, watch trash on TV and try to drown myself by drinking water.

Do the dishes (my night) and engrossed myself in Lie to Me.

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Hen Pecks said...

I knew you were mad when you first saw my car at Mal's, but I'm glad you came to your senses.

Ashamed? No. Hopeful, yes.


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