Thursday, March 24, 2011


Day 29 – Something you could never get tired of doing.

Shopping, hands down. Not just for myself, but Samson too.

With endless funds, of course.

I could also never tire of napping every day.

I am, however, growing a little tired of chasing after this little one. I just need to fully proof our house.

The above are some, definitely not all, of the 'capades I had to supervise yesterday...
Pulling down anything and everything he can reach from the pantry.
.Pushing the radiator over.
.Pulling cords out of the storage bin.
.Not a 'capade - but I absolutely don't tire seeing Sam pull this face when I point a camera at him.
.Chewing on any cord in sight.
.Shutting the door (Tadd said he smashed his fingers the other night)
.No need for supervision here. I love to watch him explore his books.

From what ya'll tell's only just begun.


Hen Pecks said...

When are we baby-proofing?

Josh and Jackie said...

That is the cutest face when he notices the camera...he really is so adorable...


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