Saturday, March 19, 2011


Day 25 – What’s in your purse?

Unedited contents from both my diaper bag and purse.

1. Wallet. 2. Car seat toy. 3. Changing pad. 4. Board book. 5. Diapees and Wipees. 6. Camera. 7. Roll of quarters (gotta vacuum ma' car). 8. Baby socks. 9. Bib. 10. Spoon. 11. Applesauce. 12. Sweet Potatoes (maybe it's my fault my baby is reeeeaaaally chubby). 13. Skinny straw (do you know me? Won't drink from a fat straw). 14. Coupon organizer. 15. KevinMurphy hair product samples. 16. Dollar store diaper baggies. 17. Bag to hold Baby Orajel, hand sanitizer, camera charger. 18. Formula dispenser (always find one of those hangin' around). 19. Glasses. 20. Checkbook. 21. (Remember that one time I skipped #21?). 22. Sanitizer sprays (for public diaper changes, doubles as room spray) and Spry gum. 23. 6 packs of gum (a girl needs options). 24. Notebook & pen. 25. Peanut butter pretzels. 26. Flip camera. 27. Buxom lipgloss, Covergirl lip stain, Tide to Go. 28. Eyeliner (I finally found it!), Burts Bees tined lip balm, Crawford Leishman Dental Group lip balm.

Thank goodness for pockets!

Aaaand...a handful of receipts crumpled in the bottom of each bag.


Turpin's said...

Haha your just like me, a couple of choices of gum! Like you said, gotta have options!

[Morgan] said...

so glad you added the key, because there were honestly a couple things that had me baffled. :)


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