Friday, March 4, 2011


Day 13 – Your favorite musician and why?

I have many favorite musicians, and I usually get myself in music phases. Current phase(s)? Anything Glee, The Bieb, and Air Supply. Whaaat?

I'm really not a music buff, never have been. Some may consider that a flaw of mine, but I've accepted it. I just ride the musical wave of others, and their musician discoveries.

I may not always be listening to the King of Pop, nor do I know every song he's sung, or every fact about him, he is my ultimate favorite. Why? I was raised on Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was motha's milk to me. Me and my sisters.

He is my favorite because of the memories his music conjures...rockin' out on slave saturday, jammin' to "Black or White" on road trips, trying to moon walk while listening to "Bad", imitating the knife fight in "Beat It", and closing the blinds in the basement to watch his music videos in the middle of the day.

I have more memories of my childhood listening to Michael Jackson than any other musician. And wow, that's some serious talent to grow up on.

So Mom, thank you.


Haley said...

Mom raised us well.

Haley said...

See why I mourn? He was part of the family.

Haley said...

Whoops, this isn't Haley - it's Mom.. Darn Haley signed into my computer.

Mal said...

Toats guys. Toats.


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