Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nine Months

Our little monster is nine months old today. If at all possible, these last nine months have flown by faster than the nine months I was pregnant. He is growing so much and learning new things everyday. It's crazy to see his personality develop all the time.

Some things about Samson...

.He is absolutely everywhere, and would love to be into everything.
.Started pulling himself up onto his knees a couple days ago.
.Will sit still for half an hour watching Sesame Street.
.Says "ya-ya", "da-da", "na-na" (won't say "ma-ma" again).
.Imitates sounds we make, especially scrunching his nose and sniffing.
.Loves to eat. LOVES to eat.
.Tries using a sippy cup, and does pretty good with it.
.Loves reading books, and has been turning the pages the past few weeks while we read to him.
.Loves to blow raspberries while we feed him. WE don't love that, however.
.Loves to grab at our faces and give us what we perceive to be his way of kissing (open mouthed).
.We are still struggling with his gag reflex. Anything not pureed, he almost always throws up (or at least dry heaves). Sam's doctor told me not to stress; he's sure we won't be sending him to Kindergarten with jars of baby food. Let's hope!
.We still tote him around in his car seat most of the time (yup, making that 30 lbs to heave around), but he's so tough to hold since he wants to get down and play!
.Finally decided to drop his third nap four or five days ago. Bummer.

Samson weighs 22 lbs, is 29" long and his head circumference is 18.5" around, which is the 90th percentile. His doctor told us somewhere down the family line, someone is wearing really large hats. Pretty sure it's just that large brain of his!


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