Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nearly Nine Months Later...

Let's take a break from my oh-so-rigorous blogging schedule...

Both of my nieces Nora and Lucy just had their newborn photos taken, and looking at them (such beautiful babies, by the way) reminded me that I never posted Samson's! I have no idea why because I absolutely love them.

I really can't believe he is already nine months. The time period in which these photos were taken is now a blur. I wish I had taken more time to remember every little thing about him. I have hundreds of pictures and dozens of videos, but I still have trouble calling upon some of the details of his first few months of life. I suppose that is just the way life is, and now I've learned I need to savor these moments and the ones to come.

Is this why we continue to have children? To improve with the next child in areas we felt we fell short in?

Samson was three weeks and four days when he had his pictures taken.

Pleased as punch, you see.

Could you love this Logophilia print more? Sissy Meg custom made it for Samsy.

I looove wrinkly little baby skin.

Now do you see why we shaved his head? Later that day, actually...

Tried inching his way off the dresser. Little turkey.

It's impossible to describe how much love I felt for this little one then, and I have been amazed that my heart even has the capacity to love him even more now.

Such a sweet daddy

I should really take some pics of Sam's updated nursery

Blankie (that he now sleeps with in his crib) from Aunt Haley

Love. Love. Love.
It's quite clear I am absolutely obsessed with this little guy. Infatuated. Head-over-heels in love. And I don't care who knows it!

Courtesy of Stott Photography


Jenna said...

so adorable! glad you didn't forget to share them

Meagan + Michael said...

Such cute photos! I want that Logophilia!

[Morgan] said...

is this the similar post you spoke of? :)
i love it.
every one understands how fast time goes. but, moms understand best.

wrap your head around this. (cause i just tried to!)ellie is seven. i swear she was samson's age like a week ago. when samson is seven, ellie will be 14. and it will be like, tomorrow.

another piece of thought food, when ellie is 14, you will probably still be doing her hair. she wants bangs this week, what will 14 bring? shoot.

yes, cherish that little man in all his baby form. time only gets faster from here.

Keisha said...

I love all the photos. Such a cutie!


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