Thursday, March 3, 2011


Day 12 – A photograph of the town you live in. A photo of the street you live on.

My street.
And from what it looks like, there is a ghost in our midst.

In other news, I ventured up to SLC tonight to attend BIL Jon's culinary school restaurant (The Savory Palate). Unfortunately, he wasn't cooking this week, just serving, but in my head he actually made every dish himself.

I went with Haley and her FIL, Hugh. Tadd claims he wasn't invited, but I did bring it up a number of times, and each time he was skeptical of the type of food they served. "Fine dining" doesn't really sit well with Tadd. Hamburgers and pizza, however, sits very well. Bless his heart.

Each course offered a variety of textures and flavor. It was really fun to pick out the flavors that Jon had described. My favorite was the tamale cake with braised pork (bottom right). Notice the avocado smear, the photo below was taken as I dropped my phone into it.


I loved that the whole hour and a half was spent JUST talking about and enjoying our food.
I'm a bit of a fatty-fat at heart.

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