Monday, February 28, 2011

"Who Are You Wearing! You Look Fabulous!"

Celina and I hosted a party of all parties in celebration of the Oscars, complete with hor d'oeuvres, mocktails and a red carpet photo op!

Welcome to the 1st Annual Academy Awards Mocktail Party

Mr. Samson was certainly thrilled about the party before church, but had already changed into his jimjams by the time our celebs-of-the-hour arrived.

Celina&Adam, Meagan&Callin, Mallory&Nick, BonoRandy&Felicia, Chelsea&Jake, Cat&Sam&Tadd

Samson couldn't help sneaking in another picture before heading off to bed.

Thanks to Celina, the Internets-searcher-of-all-searchers, we had a couple mocktail recipes to add to the party, the Mint Mojito being my favorite. Here's our Shirley Temple's. Typically virgin, but a Dirty Shirley isn't unheard of, so we were sure to keep the Vodka stash unstocked (winkety-wink).

She also supplied us with Oscar bingo, Oscar predictions and Match the Celeb Smile!

Co-host, Celina, and Adam enjoying their Shirley Temple's. Don't judge the incorrect glass. These are much more fun than tumblers! Also, I think I may be sugar-rimming all my drinks from now on. But maybe Splenda for Diet Coke...

Just a bit of the delish food before everyone had arrived.

The guys and gals
And some creepy stalker in a purple sweatshirt

Would you say I got the red carpet pose down? It was my one goal for the month. Next goal: keep volume in my hair.

The Oscars this year? Not the greatest. Does James Franco always look high? Does Anne Hatheway always act like a cheerleader live? Anne and James, let us hope you are never invited back. Unless Anne publicly burns that vinyl catastrophe she wore, and James arrives in a dress.

Had there not been a fabulous party to attend, the Oscars almost wouldn't have been worth watching. I say almost because I was thrilled to see The King's Speech win Best Picture and Collin Firth win Best Actor, and could Natalie Portman have looked more gorgeous?

Until next year!


Meagan + Michael said...

How fun! You look fab. I guess I'll look for my invite next year ;)

c.e.l.i.n.a said...

IT WAS glorious

Sparks said...

Nick does look like creepy stalker guy.

Jessica Collings said...

Um where did you purchase your amazing dress. I LOVE it! You are beautiful

jaY said...

u look just like anne hathaway when she wore her red dress...wait what would i know - I was watching the Knicks - Heat basketball game. Shame on you for making the guys sit thru all that Acadamy Awards stuff...btw thanx for the invite and the cut!


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