Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seven and Counting

Probably the best Valentine's ever. Wanna know why? The temperature! I've been on a 50 degree high the last few days, and yes, I'm aware it's not here to stay. Let's just focus on the high and put off my impending depression.

Sam started his day off the right way, at least in my opinion.

We were leaving the house, Samson laden car seat in my left arm, and 32 ouncer (don't EVEN ask what it was full of) in my right. While transferring the nectar of the Gods to my left hand to lock the front door, it slipped and fell into Samson's car seat, showering him with liquid gold. And here is what he thought of it...

Certainly not the way I'd react, that's for sure.

Is there anything better than baby loafers? Where's the pennies? Geez.
Went to the store to buy fixin's for apple crisp, Tadd's favorite. A weak attempt at Valentineness in comparison to the two dozen roses he brought home.

Tadd's surprise dinner: Milagros. A restaurant he and his boss have done a bunch of work on, and since we smartly didn't call ahead we were facing a 35-45 min wait when we arrived. Enter owner, Dave. He hooked us up with the food critic table in the kitchen!

The food was delicious, and the atmosphere entertaining.

After dinner we laughed nonstop in Just Go With It, and I developed a serious crush on Bailee Madison. I will own that movie.

And my baby-Balentine's gift? An appropriately colored balloon! Could be entertained for days.
Even with Bronchiolitis, this little one has hardly abandoned his happy, smiling personality.


Hen Pecks said...

Sam was a coaster???

Haley said...

1. Nectar of the Gods...oh so clever. 2. Who is that old man sitting in your shopping cart?


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