Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Know, I Know...

...I'm obsessed with him.

I never dreamed I could love a little thing as much as I love Samson. For me, he's perfect. Just perfect.

I remember holding Samson at home when he was only a few days old and absolutely sobbing because I was overcome with the love I felt for him. I still feel that way almost everyday (however, now I'm able to keep my emotions in check), and can't imagine how this love could possibly grow without my heart absolutely bursting. But I hear it's possible. Yes?

Newest binki trick. I guess he's got to find new ways to obsess over this thing.

Ironic that his chubby feet look just like mine did when I was pregnant.

1 comment:

Tawny said...

The "love thing" only gets better. If you can imagine. :)


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