Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Day 4 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend.

I feel so fortunate to have quite a few best friends, but when reading the day's blog task, Tadd's face instantly popped into my head, so please feast your eyes upon this hunk-a-hunk-a-burnin'-love (I may hate myself for writing that).

I couldn't narrow it down
Why these photos?
My heart just melts seeing Tadd interact and love on Samson. He is a fantastic father, and constantly sets an example for me to follow in parenting.

I got a call from Tadd last night while I was at the saloon (yes, in fish nets) announcing he got to "play firefighter tonight". My first thought? Samson started himself a little fire. Um, what the hell? How could an 8 month old do that? Additionally, since he gums everything, had he by some random chance gotten hold of a match, we would've immediately deemed it defective.

After giving me ample time to dismiss my irrational paranoia, Tadd informed me that he had helped out in a car accident. He was heading home from his parents (although I had repeatedly told him to keep Samson away from the babies whilst he's on the Bronchiolitis mend...whatever), when an SUV T-boned a small car on it's passenger side. Tadd said it was like slow motion; watching the man in the car (seatbeltless) fly from the drivers seat to the passengers side and end up with his head out the passenger side window (which had broken).

He immediately got out of the car (you're all thinking, "what about the child!?", as was I), and ran to help the man. He held his head, told him he was an EMT and began asking him questions to keep him conscious. Come to find out, he used to be in Tadd's home ward.

Some idiot of a kid came up to Tadd and told him to step away - "I'm an EMT". HA! Tadd was wearing his Fire Academy hoodie, so a spectator informed the fool that Tadd was also an EMT and things were under control. He was, however useful in checking on Samson to assure Tadd he was OK, and just chillin'. (Phew!)

Tadd was totally hyped up when he called me, and I could tell he loved being on the scene to help out, and feel useful. He drove by the scene a little later and found that the man had to be cut out of his car!

We've since heard from Tadd's mom, who always knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone (it helps that he's a former ward member), that the injured man is doing well, had remembered Tadd's name when he got to the hospital and only has some broken ribs. Amazing.

Lesson the be learned? Always wear your seat belt. Always have Tadd nearby. And always have a Diet Coke. Because, why not?

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kecia said...

WOW! what a night Tadd had! I am proud to call him my brother!!! Glad everything turned out ok!


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