Friday, February 18, 2011


I'm amidst my semi-annual feeling-overwhelmed-by-the-amount-of-stuff-we-have, so we are clearing out whatever we can! First on the list: DVDs and TV series on DVD. Interested? Comment or email (!

DVDs ($3 each or 4 for $10)

The Break-Up
Catch Me If You Can
Christmas Story
Cinderella Man
Dream Girls
The Green Mile
Guess Who
Herbie Fully Loaded
King Kong
Rumor Has It
Series of Unfortunate Events
You, Me and Dupree

TV Series ($10 each, unless otherwise stated, or 2 for $18)

Friday Night Lights #1
Friday Night Lights #2
Prison Break #2
Private Practice #1
Desperate Housewives #3
Desperate Housewives #4
Chuck #1
Samantha Who #1 ($5)
OC Season #3
One Tree Hill #4

Another thing we got rid of? Our bed.
Still haven't figured out where I'M going to sleep.

About once a month, maybe less often, we like to pretend that Samson will still melt into our arms while he's still asleep and cuddle with us. We'll get him from his crib and try to cuddle him in our darkened bedroom for a minute, but nothin' doin'.

Within three minutes he's kicking his legs, rolling around, and grabbing at our faces. Ah well...a bottle and some kisses, and he's back sound asleep in his crib. Not sure how he'll handle that now when he's sharing his crib with his 6'3 father.

On another note: I'm folding mine and Samson's laundry and nine of the 13 items I just folded are striped. Do I have a problem?

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Keisha said...

I don't think Samson is going to like you guys invading his "space". He looks kind of, um, irritated at the idea. haha.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a problem with stripes. So yes, you have a problem!!!!!!


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